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Description: Patent for improvements to adding machines, which is key-operated and includes a vertically disposed shaft and a means to actuate the sliding plate.
Date: January 5, 1915
Creator: Gatewood, William F.


Description: Patent for a cotton-gin that "has for its object to provide means for operating upon or permitting lint cotton, wool and other fibrous material to be ginned from a roll by means of saws as is commonly done in working seed cotton without injury to the mechanism" (lines 12-17).
Date: August 7, 1894
Creator: Haynes, Daniel


Description: Patent for a grease trap "in which the grease is designed to be removed from the trap automatically and the object of my invention is to cause the water passing through the trap to carry the grease out with it" (lines 8-12).
Date: March 19, 1895
Creator: Henderson, Thomas


Description: Patent for a churn that can produce butter in very short period of time with minimal effort.
Date: May 19, 1913
Creator: Hoefer, Charles Jr.; Belt, Marcus L. Jr. & Belt, William R.


Description: Patent for an improvement in a device to hold brooms and items with handles by simplifying the design and making it more resistant to strain.
Date: February 14, 1893
Creator: Jones, Wesley C. P.


Description: Patent for an improved locomotive or traction-engine, with a series of water-shells, each containing "a series of fire-flues, a feeding-water heater, a pipe discharging steam" (lines 118-121), and a double-action plunger-pump.
Date: January 26, 1897
Creator: McCallum, Daniel W.

Improvement in Collars.

Description: Patent for a device improving the speed and efficiency of shirt collar fastening, as well as the securing of items such as scarves and ties, including illustrations.
Date: April 6, 1876
Creator: Mitchell, Frank G. & Saunders, William J.


Description: Patent for a gas-burner signal lantern, instead of an oil-burner signal lantern, that indicates whether or not the track is all clear of trains; includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 6, 1902
Creator: Ruebel, C. A. Ernst