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Description: Patent for vehicle-axle "with removable spindles which when they become worn may be easily and quickly removed and replaced by new ones." (lines 13-15); including illustration and instructions
Date: May 29, 1900
Creator: Andrews, W. H.

Improvement in Rattoon-Cutting Machines.

Description: Patent for a rattoon-cutting machine which is created to "rapidly pull up and cut into short lengths the stubbles and roots of sugar cane (styled "rattoon") which are left upon the ground after the crop has been gathered" (lines 5-9), includes illustrations.
Date: March 25, 1875
Creator: Angers, John


Description: Patent for improvement in automatic car-couplings “in which the coupling-pin (worked by a rope or chain) is guided in a vertical tube extending upward from the draw-head, and is supported in position for coupling by a block sliding with the draw-head,” (lines 9-14) includes illustration.
Date: April 14, 1891
Creator: Angerstein, John F.

Railway Switch Lock.

Description: Patent for a new and improved railway-switch lock. This design "consists in a novel construction and arrangement of parts whereby an independent key is used to unlock the latch or bolt of the bolt-case" (lines 14-17).
Date: August 2, 1881
Creator: Angus, Alexander & Phillips, George

Feed Water Heater.

Description: Patent for a new and improved feed water heater. This design "provide[s] a system of levers and a float which will automatically regulate the feed or supply of water to such heaters and lime-extractors . . . and further, that by securing a uniform supply of water the steam acts more equally upon the water, and thus secures a more uniform deposit of the lime" (lines 22-33). This allows for fewer accidents and less damage to the engine.
Date: August 10, 1880
Creator: Annear, John Henry


Description: Patent for a water valve for water delivery systems that does not have standing water around it that can freeze in cold weather.
Date: April 12, 1910
Creator: Anthony, Joseph B. & Morris, Robert M.


Description: Patent for a brick machine that is "effective, yet simple and durable, machine especially adapted to receive bricks from a stiff-mud mill and re-press them and also to provide a means whereby the machine will be automatic in its action." (Lines 7-12) Illustrations included.
Date: May 15, 1900
Creator: Anthony, Russell


Description: Patent for a new and useful improvement in monkey-wrenches to "provide an improved construction of the same whereby the clamping-jaws may be quickly and readily adjusted to the nut or tap which is to be engaged thereby" (line 19-23).
Date: December 28, 1897
Creator: Antony, Edwin Le Roy

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in the combination, with a draw-head, of an L-shaped lever pivoted in the same and provided at its angle with a lug, which L-shaped lever has a coupling-pin suspended from the end of the long arm, and has its short arm passed into an aperture in the inner end of a bar sliding in the bottom of the draw-head, whereby when the lug is depressed the coupling-pin will be raised and the bar in the draw-head will push the link out from the end of the draw-head" (lines 7-17).
Date: June 12, 1883
Creator: Appell, Charles E.

Washing Machine.

Description: Patent for a new and improved washing machine. This design utilizes a plunger to create a partial vacuum in the corresponding tub, whereupon water, when rushing to fill the partial vacuum, saturates the clothes, cleaning them.
Date: December 6, 1881
Creator: Appelt, August E.


Description: Patent for improvement in fasteners that "can be attached to a collar-button for the purpose of holding any articles such as bow-ties, scarfs and neckties of wearing-apparel in position to make the articles easily attached or detached from the garment." (Lines 10-19) Illustration is included.
Date: March 26, 1901
Creator: Applebom, Ralph & Sidenbitel, Joe

Attachment for Harness.

Description: Patent for a new and improved attachment for harnesses. This design "relates to attachments for harness; and it consists of a plate having a safety-hook, a back-band buckle, and guide-rings" (lines 20-23).
Date: August 30, 1881
Creator: Applewhite, David T.