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Improvement in Cultivators.

Description: Patent for improvement in cultivators by making all the beams that had blades attached to them adjustable by a lever. A roller is designed for covering the seed and smoothing over the ground after the seeds are discharged by a slider which is operated by a crank-shaft near the end of the machine. A detachable revolving stalk-cutter can be used for cutting stalks on the ground by means of a suitable connector at the rear end of the machine. Illustration is included.
Date: September 7, 1869
Creator: Baker, Job McNamee

Improvement in Cultivators.

Description: Patent for improvement in cultivators in which the plows can be adjusted by width, height and laterally to regulate the depth and angle of inclination. The plows, which can be operated by a foot device, may be simultaneously thrown from the ground. (Lines 73-76) Illustration is included.
Date: November 2, 1869
Creator: Baker, William T.

Improved Baling-Press.

Description: Patent for improvements in portable press by dividing the pressing-chamber into two parts, one of which is fixed to the wagon-frame, the other part is movable. “The movable part contains the follower, adapted to be titled with it, and operated by the winding-drum, cords, wheel and the wings, working in the horizontal slots in the sides of these parts.” (Lines 81-85) Illustration is included.
Date: January 12, 1869
Creator: Berkeley, J.

Bolt for Doors.

Description: Patent for the improvement of bolt locks on double doors using a lever lock for safety and ease of locking and unlocking one or both doors, including illustration.
Date: June 26, 1860
Creator: Bonney, N. W.

Improvement in Cultivators.

Description: Patent for a plow called the "The Texas Cultivator" (line 7) that uses left and right wings and diamond plows that may be used to plow either side of stock to eliminate additional operators and time for the same job, including illustration.
Date: June 4, 1861
Creator: Cain, Shugar M. & Stelfox, William


Description: Patent for an ant-trap using a portable receptacle with three different designs, each can be used as an individual trap or in any combinations to lure ants into the bottom of the receptacle without any means of escaping, including illustration.
Date: August 7, 1860
Creator: Cottingham, G. W. & Menefee, John S.

Hanging Millstones.

Description: Patent for improvement of hanging millstones using a driver to hang the runner of a pair of millstones, “as it rotates, adjust itself to the position of the stationary stone, and the parallelism of the faces of the two stones be preserved whether the stationary one be perfectly horizontal or not” (lines 19-24), including illustration.
Date: May 29, 1860
Creator: Dance, G. P.

Improved Stitching-Horse.

Description: Patent for improvements in the construction of stitching-horses by re-configuring the original constructions, in order to make them better for users. The patent includes instructions and a single illustration.
Date: October 27, 1868
Creator: Depp, Thomas

Improved Power-Apparatus for Vehicles

Description: Patent for "improvements to powered vehicles with combined rim-wheel(s) in combination with a truck(s), resting upon the inner and lower part of the rim, and supporting a carriage-body or frame, crank-shaft. with one or more pinions, and guide-rollers." (line 8)
Date: August 17, 1869
Creator: Dillaha, J. G.


Description: Patent for a machine that uses revolving brush cylinders, stationary brushes, and stripping boards to prepare cotton for ginning, including illustration.
Date: March 12, 1861
Creator: Eastham, A. S.

Improvement in Velocipede.

Description: Patent for an improved arrangement of velocipedes "to allow the use of a much larger driving-wheel than is compatible with the use of pedals that are placed directly on the crank pins or wrists, and to increase the power that can be applied to the propulsion of the machine by the feet of the driver, and the the speed at which is may be driven." (Lines 16-22) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 15, 1869
Creator: Flint, Daniel P.