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Improvement In Corn And Cotton-Seed Planters.

Description: This patent is an upgraded corn and seed planter machine that plants corn, cotton, and other types of seeds for mass production. The machine is aligned with the surface of the ground. It does not converse with the plows that are attached to it, freeing up the machine to release seeds proficiently with ease.
Date: April 9, 1878
Creator: Adams, Benjamin F.

Improvement in Axles for Vehicles

Description: Patent for "an Improvement in Wagon-Axle Skeins" that "has for its object to furnish an improved iron axle for wagons and other vehicles which shall be stronger without being heavier than iron axles made in the ordinary manner."
Date: July 2, 1872
Creator: Ahrenbeck, Charles

Improvement in Car-Journal Boxes.

Description: Patent for the improvement in car-journal boxes. This invention "relates to oil-boxes used upon journals of car-axles, the object being to prevent the lid from shaking off of the oil-stop or oil-packing surrounding the axle to be removed and replaced by a new one without removing the box from the journal."
Date: October 15, 1878
Creator: Alexander, Francis M.

Improvement in Apparatus for Preserving Meat, &c.

Description: Patent for "an improved apparatus for use in fumigating substances used as food; and also for impregnating water with sulphurous-acid gas, for the purpose of preserving such substances by the antiseptic quality of sulphur" (lines 9-14). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 15, 1878
Creator: Ames, Theodore George