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Cultural Resources Survey of the Kornye-Tillman Company's Proposed Custard-Pitts #2 and #3 Well Pad Sites and Pipeline Route, Palo Pinto County, Texas

Description: A cultural resources survey of two proposed well pad sites and approximately 4,000 feet of pipeline performed in order to determine the presence or absence of archaeological sites. This report details the results and findings of the survey.
Date: November 9, 2006
Creator: AR Consultants, Inc.

It's a New IDEA, The Manual for Parents and Students About Special Education Services in Texas

Description: "This manual is designed to help you become familiar with the requirements of the IDEA [Individuals With Disabilities Education Act] so you can act as an equal partner in planning your child's education. You will learn, by using this manual and by working with school staff, how to plan an educational program that will lead to an independent and productive life for your child and yourself" (p. 2).
Date: August 2007
Creator: Arc of Texas

Non-vital advance rail preemption of signalized intersections near highway-rail grade crossings

Description: The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) primarily uses simultaneous preemption of traffic signals near highway-rail grade crossings to clear queued vehicles prior to the arrival of a train at the crossing. At some intersections, 20 seconds of advanced warning may not be sufficient to allow the traffic signal to clear pedestrians using the normal clearance intervals between phases. The research developed an alternative method (non-vital advance preemption) of ensuring adequate pedestrian clearance in the presence of an approaching train without interfering with the normal preemption sequence at the intersection or installing costly additional track circuitry needed to provide advance preemption. Two strategies were investigated to ensure pedestrian clearance time. The first utilizes a lower-level preemption sequence to guarantee full pedestrian clearance to a terminating phase before the traffic signal starts the preemption sequence. The second strategy uses the pedestrian-omit feature to prevent the controller from activating the pedestrian interval if there is not sufficient time in advance of the start of the preemption sequence to provide full pedestrian clearance.
Date: June 2007
Creator: Balke, Kevin N.; Engelbrecht, Roelof Johannes & Ruback, Leonard G.

Designing Fine Aggregate Mixtures to evaluate fatigue crack growth in asphalt mixtures

Description: "Fatigue cracking is a significant form of pavement distress in flexible pavements. The properties of the sand-asphalt mortars or fine aggregate matrix (FAM) can be used to characterize the evolution of fatigue crack growth and self-healing in asphalt mixtures. This study compares the internal microstructure of the mortar within a full asphalt mixture to the internal microstructure of the FAM specimen. This study also conducts a limited evaluation of the influence of mixture properties and methods of compaction on the engineering properties of the FAM specimens. The results from this study, although limited in number, indicate that in most cases the SGC compacted FAM specimen had a microstructure that most closely resembled the microstructure of the mortar within a full asphalt mixture. Another finding from this study was that, at a given level of damage, the healing characteristic of the three different types of FAM mixes was not significantly different. This indicates that the healing rate is mostly dictated by the type of binder and not significantly influenced by the gradation or binder content, as long as the volumetric distribution of the mastic was the same. In other words, the inherent healing characteristics of the asphalt binder play a more significant role relative to other properties (e.g. volumetrics) in the overall fatigue cracking resistance of the asphalt mixture."
Date: April 2001
Creator: Bhasin, Amit; Motamed, Arash & Izadi, Anoosha

San Marcos City Park archaeological survey, Hays County, Texas

Description: "At the request of the City of San Marcos, the Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) conducted archaeological testing of the playground in San Marcos City Park under Texas Historical Commission Antiquities Permit No. 2731. The testing was conducted on October 26 and 29, 2001, to determine whether scheduled renovation of the playground would disturb potentially intact prehistoric or historic cultural material. Shovel testing revealed possibly intact subsurface deposits below approximately 50 cm of disturbed deposits, and subsequently site 41HY319 was recorded. CAS assessed that it is unlikely that cultural resources would be impacted during construction of the playground equipment, as planned construction activities will not extend below the previously disturbed zone."
Date: 2002
Creator: Bousman, C. Britt.; Nickels, David L. & Gibson, Connie Thompson.

Texas NAFTA Study Update: Final Report

Description: This report describes NAFTA trade and its effects in detail. It demonstrates the volume of trade between the United States and Mexico via Texas highways and rail. Also included is the effects of post 9/11 on trade and future conditions.
Date: February 2007
Creator: Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

On-going evaluation of traffic control devices

Description: "This project was established to provide a means of conducting small-scale research activities on an as needed basis so that the results could be available within months of starting the specific research. This report summarizes the small-scale research activities that were conducted between September 2008 and August 2009."
Date: November 2009
Creator: Carlson, Paul J.; Bligh, Roger P.; Pike, Adam; Miles, Jeffrey D. & Paulus, Susan

Development of a model performance-based sign sheeting specification based on the evaluation of nighttime traffic signs using legibility and eye-tracker data : data and analysis

Description: "This report presents data and technical analyses for Texas Department of Transportation Project 0-5235. This project focused on the evaluation of traffic sign sheeting performance in terms of meeting the nighttime driver needs. The goal was to develop a nighttime driver needs specification for traffic signs. Full information on the project is presented in Report 0-5235-1 Volume 1."
Date: September 2009
Creator: Carlson, Paul J.; Park, Eun Sug & Miles, Jeffrey D.