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Book-Holder for Reading-Stands.

Description: Patent for "a book holder especially designed to receive large books for reference, such as a dictionary for example, and to so construct the mechanism of the holder that a cradle will be provided for the reception of the book, which cradle will be adapted to be carried upward and outward from the holder in a manner which will bring the book in proper position for consultation, and which mechanism will also act to lower the book, without jar or injury to it, within the holder when the book is no longer required." (Lines 14-26) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 21, 1894
Creator: Anderson, Francis John & Irick, William Madison


Description: Patent for a simple, durable, and economic reading stand that has two desks, one of which is adjustable so that a person can read while sitting at any angle. The second desk is capable of holding heavy books. Both stands are vertically adjustable. The stand can be constructed to hold a lamp in addition to books.
Date: August 1, 1893
Creator: Anderson, Francis John & Irick, William Madison


Description: Patent for vehicle-axle "with removable spindles which when they become worn may be easily and quickly removed and replaced by new ones." (lines 13-15); including illustration and instructions
Date: May 29, 1900
Creator: Andrews, W. H.

Floating Body.

Description: Patent for improvements to balloons or floating bodies in order to provide for a floating body "consisting of a flexible air or gas receiver, made to imitate or resemble animate or inanimate objects, so as to assume when inflated the shape of a human head or bust, birds, statues, animals, or any other desired object" (lines 14-19), including illustrations.
Date: November 20, 1900
Creator: Bailey, Edward Gray


Description: Patent for an improvement in stirrups by using the horns of animals to make an ornamental serviceable stirrup. Illustration is included.
Date: June 9, 1891
Creator: Baker, Joseph W.

Insect Trap.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design calls for a box to be placed over the mouth of an anthill, whereupon one expects the ants to enter a hole, climb an incline, and slip down a pair of glass pieces that lower the ants into an inescapable chamber. This design is cheaper and easier to make than previous ant traps.
Date: May 24, 1881
Creator: Blackwood, Curtis

Mandrew Attachment.

Description: Patent for an improved, simple, inexpensive, durable, and efficient mandrel attachment that can be easily attached, detached, and adjusted. It has "a bar at one end with a plate for its attachment and at the other end with a cam and eccentric for detachable connection and adjustment the support carrying the cam and eccentric being hinged so as to drop down so that cylinder work can be slipped over the mandrel and then the eccentric and cam raised up and tightened to the bar to hold the work to be performed" (lines 18-27).
Date: March 7, 1893
Creator: Bosley, Lee W.

Fire-House Supporter.

Description: Patent for a fire-hose supporter that can be stretched out, washed, and dried easily. The invention also has a hose-carrying frame that elevates the hose and allows for the hose to be quickly and easily used.
Date: August 20, 1895
Creator: Bramble, James Elworth

Burglar Alarm.

Description: Patent for a new and improved burglar alarm. This design "consists in the combination of the door provided with a rod for catching under the spring, a cylinder for receiving powder, a spring-actuated cover for the end of the cylinder, and a spring which explodes the cap . . . The object of [the] invention is to provide a burglar-alarm which will make a loud noise when the door is opened, and in which a spring-actuated cover is made to take the place of a wad or ball" (lines 13-24).
Date: August 10, 1886
Creator: Bray, Horace Bradford


Description: Patent for "a new and valuable Improvement in Corn and Cotton Stalk Cutters" (lines 5-7). It includes a description and an illustration. The construction of this stalk cutter is "adapted to be driven across the field in the direction of the rows of corn, and the knives may be adjusted to operate on rows of different widths or at different depths, so as to leave only a small stubble in passing over the field" (lines 73-78).
Date: May 20, 1884
Creator: Brown, Azariah R.

Device for Converting Motion.

Description: Patent for a new and improved motion converter. This design "has relation to mechanical movements for converting a reciprocating into a rotary motion so as to impart a steady and regular motion to such machinery as windmills and engines, churning and washing machines, as well as to all other motors to which it may be applied; and the novelty consists in the construction of the same" (lines 9-16).
Date: September 19, 1882
Creator: Brown, James F.

Baling Box.

Description: Patent for a new and improved baling box. This design consists "[i]n a baling-box, the bottom board having cleats and end board and fixed standards that reach above the end board in combination with the hinged side boards and end board hinged to [another] board, [those] boards being provided with cleats that reach beyond the edges of the boards to receive the loops" (lines 87-94).
Date: September 23, 1884
Creator: Bulkeley, Oliver

Guard-Rail Clamp

Description: Patent for a simple, durable and adjustable guard rail clamp for securing guard rails to the main rails of a railroad track "as at bridge approaches and opposite to frog points" (lines 11-12) without the use of drill bolt-holes.
Date: November 28, 1905
Creator: Butcher, Jasper; Thomas, James L. & Butcher, Jasper


Description: Patent for "a sleeve-tablet adapted to be applied to a cuff or wristband for ready access in making notes and referring thereto." (Lines 8-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: August 24, 1897
Creator: Carlson, Frank A.


Description: Patent for improvements in car-couplings known as “automatic” by providing actuate means to “throw the pin downward and locks the link in a horizontal position.” (Lines 24-25) For uncoupling the cars from either the top or either side of the car; “a spring-actuated device is provided for keeping the link in a horizontal position with a yielding force.” (Lines 27-29) Illustration is included.
Date: August 18, 1891
Creator: Cole, Henry J.

Railway Joint

Description: Patent for a railway joint. This invention consists "of a rail joint which is provided with a novel locking means whereby the fish plates will be held in engagement with the meeting ends of a pair of rails preventing any undesired disconnection of the latter" (lines 12-16). Illustrations included.
Date: February 11, 1913
Creator: Cole, Henry J.