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Gravity Oil-Distributer for Ships.

Description: Patent for a gravity oil-distributors for ships at sea that calms the water during storms. "the objects of [the] invention are to produce a very simple, cheap and buoyant boat or float, that may be compactly stored upon deck, conveniently launched over the side of the vessel, and so manipulated therefrom as to keep a proper and desired relative position in connection therewith, and which will automatically feed oil to the water" (lines 11-18).
Date: September 18, 1894
Creator: Ericson, John


Description: Patent for simple and efficient oil-distributor that is meant to calm the water next to a ship. It also takes up little space and can easily be launched over the side of the ship and is insured so that oil is automatically distributed into the water.
Date: September 17, 1895
Creator: Ericson, John & Phinney, Adelbert

Oil Press Mat.

Description: Patent for a new and improved oil press mat. This design "relates to mats between which cakes of ground cotton or other oil-yielding seed are held while being subjected to the action of the press which separates the oil from the cakes. The invention has for its object to provide certain improvements in the construction of such mats, whereby they are made more efficient and durable than those in general use" (lines 9-17).
Date: May 1, 1883
Creator: Mann, Frederic C. & Schumacher, Henry

Coin Controlled Machine

Description: Patent for a coin controlled machine. This invention is designed to accept coins of proper values and operation is dependent on predetermined portion of the im pressed surface of the coin. Illustrations included.
Date: September 6, 1910
Creator: Scheble, Eugene S. & Rast, Felix Q.