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Improvement in Policemen's Batons.

Description: Patent for an improved policemen's baton made of flexible material, such as india-rubber or gutta-percha, and sometimes an interior metal stem. Using a flexible material makes the baton elastic enough so that no serious injury can be caused, yet it is still effective. Illustration included.
Date: October 14, 1873
Creator: Beery, Simon & McDonald, John W.

Dredging Apparatus.

Description: Patent for an improved dredging apparatus "and it consists in combining with the well known bucket chain form of excavator a suction pipe provided with a hopper and a crushing or breaking device so that the material being deposited in the hopper by the continuously moving buckets will be carried under the action of gravity to the breaking or crushing device and thence through a suction pipe and pump and delivery pipe to the place of deposit" (lines 9-18).
Date: February 14, 1893
Creator: Douglas, William M.


Description: Patent for a picture-hook that improves on a commonly used picture-hook that easily becomes dislodged. The patented hook fits over molding with spurs that go into the molding.
Date: February 6, 1894
Creator: Hall, James B.

Car-Truck Bolster.

Description: Patent for a car-truck bolster "made of cast steel or malleable iron, cast in one piece, and provided with a plurality of corrugations running longitudinally or in an approximately longitudinal direction along the girders which form the sides of the said bolster" (lines 15-20).
Date: May 28, 1895
Creator: Maher, John N. & Wheless, Thomas H.

Combined Cotton, Corn, And Sorghum Planter

Description: Patent for improvements to a previously made patent serial no. 287,764: the improvements would include adjustable feed disks, simple and adjustable means of regulating the feed of the seed, bracing rods for the drill, and improvements in construction of the frame and hopper.
Date: May 28, 1889
Creator: Schofield, Jake Drommond


Description: Patent for "a machine of this class which shall be simple, durable, and inexpensive, which may be readily converted from a corn into a cotton planter, and vice versa, which may be easily and effectively adjusted so as to plant the corn in hills at any desired distance apart, and which shall be in every respect convenient and efficient" (lines 10-17).
Date: August 12, 1890
Creator: Schofield, James Drommond