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Veneer Basket.

Description: Patent for stronger, lighter construction of baskets frequently used in shipping fruit, although the improvement "may be used for any and all purposes of which it is capable" (lines 13-15).
Date: June 3, 1902
Creator: Aber, Edgar


Description: Patent for a stalk chopper that chops weeds, vines, and stalks into smaller pieces or kills them in order for the ground beneath to be readily cultivated.
Date: September 30, 1902
Creator: Adamson, William Levi

Non-Refillable Bottle.

Description: Patent for improvements to non-refillable bottles to prevent tampering and/or re-filling of container with alternate substance. Item is designed to be used on any ordinary bottle.
Date: August 19, 1902
Creator: Allen, Edward

Fiber Separating Machine

Description: Patent for machines for separating the textile fiber of various plants, and has for its objects generally to simplify such machines, perfect their product, and avoid waste (lines 11-15) with illustrations.
Date: May 13, 1902
Creator: Allision, Samuel Benjamin & Dorrestein, C. A.


Description: Patent for a draft appliance (animal-driven vehicle) with the purpose of changing and equalizing the draft between draft-animals and making the draft line easily adjustable.
Date: October 7, 1902
Creator: Arnold, Cyrus M.

Double-Acting Cylinder-Pump.

Description: Patent for improvements in double-acting cylinder-pumps by making “the cages and check-valves detachable from the piston-cylinder without removing or disturbing either the casing or piston-cylinder and can be replaced in the same manner.” (Lines 18-22) Illustration in included.
Date: April 22, 1902
Creator: Arnold, Henry B.


Description: Patent for baling-presses to prevent the inward-drawing or centripetal movement of the fiber in a press of the roller type (lines 96-97) by “disposed intermediate of the rollers and within the plane of the baling-cylinder for opposing resistance to the inward movement of the fiber and overcoming to a greater or less extent the tendency of the upper layer of cotton to form waves or billows in advance of the rollers.” (Page 1, lines 101-102, page 2, lines 1-6.) Illustration is included.
Date: April 22, 1902
Creator: Atkinson, Joseph J.

Toy Fountain.

Description: Patent for toy foundation. It is "an improved form of toy fountain by which a column of water or other liquid may be discharged into the air from a suitable reservoir by pueumatic pressure" (lines 8-11).
Date: December 9, 1902
Creator: Attwater, Henry P.


Description: Patent for a new device for typewriters which allows for shifting from lower case to upper case by means of "the one set of keys ordinarily employed, but of modified construction" (lines 14-15) including descriptions of the device, operation, and illustrations
Date: May 6, 1902
Creator: Austin, Thomas R.

Sash Lock

Description: Patent for an invention which improves "the construction of sash locks" for "great strength and durability" (lines 11-13) including illustrations.
Date: July 1, 1902
Creator: Baker, Howard Allen


Description: Patent for improvements in animal-poke by providing a device which is arranged for convenient application to an animal, so as not to interfere with the grazing and drinking thereof, and will effectually prevent the animal from destroying fences and also from pushing and fighting other stock. (Lines 9-15) Illustration is included.
Date: July 1, 1902
Creator: Barnes, John I.

Crude-Oil Burner.

Description: Patent for crude-oil burner that has excellent combustion, it is simply constructed to to make it easier to use, and requires little or no attention. It is adaptable to be used in fire-boxes (cooking and heating stoves, furnaces, and ranges).
Date: December 2, 1902
Creator: Bateman, Talbot O.

Fluid-Operated Signal

Description: Patent for a fluid operated signal with illustrations. The device would allow communication between a train engineer and a caboose conductor through a device that utilizes the fluid-pressure brake system of the freight train.
Date: September 30, 1902
Creator: Bell, Chester L.