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Description: Patent for an inexpensive, simple, and improved construction for sliding gates that is easily opened and closed with minimal effort. The gate slides back and forth on a track which is set in a frame above the gate.
Date: March 27, 1894
Creator: Smith, Stansbury J.


Description: Patent for "a cotton-cultivator which will chop out the superfluous plants and at the same time work up the soil between the rows of plants, the implement being made to straddle the row and produce a fine tilth on both sides thereof" (lines 15-20).
Date: September 2, 1890
Creator: Smith, Thomas H.


Description: Patent for a new and improved car coupling of the Janney type that increases "efficiency in service and enable[s] an operator at the side of the train to readily and with safety set the improved car-coupling to disconnect it from another of the same style" (lines 11-14), including instructions and illustrations.
Date: September 21, 1897
Creator: Smith, Thomas Henry.


Description: Patent for an improvement to gates so as "to simplify and improve the construction of swinging gates and to enable the same to be readily operated without necessitating a persons leaving a vehicle or dismounting" (lines 9-13).
Date: September 27, 1892
Creator: Smith, Thomas M.


Description: Patent for an improvement in "surveying-instruments, and has for its object to produce a simple device whereby certain information can be obtained without the necessity of auxiliary calculations,” (lines 12-15) includes illustration.
Date: March 24, 1891
Creator: Smith, Valentine Hartgroves

Water Elevator.

Description: Patent for a new and improved water elevator. This design "relates to improvements in water-elevators in which water is made to perform the operations heretofore performed by steam; and it consists in the construction and arrangement of parts . . . whereby the rarefaction of heated air is employed to raise or set in motion a continuous stream of water" (lines 14-21).
Date: January 25, 1881
Creator: Smith, William A. & Smith, Robert T.

Adjustable Stool.

Description: Patent for an adjustable and foldable stool for but not limited to field workers, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 6, 1880
Creator: Smith, William Alexander & Smith, Robert Toumbleson


Description: Patent for trace carrier for a plow "especially designed to support the trace adjustably in a vertical direction, so as to vary the line of the draft upon the plow and also provide a guide and support for the reins" (lines 9-13), including illustrations.
Date: September 25, 1900
Creator: Smith, William F.

Vehicle-Wheel Scraper.

Description: Patent for "a novel device for removing dirt from the peripheries of vehicle-wheels while the vehicle is in motion, and has for its objects to provide a novel, simple, and very efficient device of the indicated character which is readily attachable to the running-gear of a wagon or other wheeled vehicle, which may be readily adjusted thereon to remove dirt from its wheels, which will afford a reliable guard to prevent mud and slush from being thrown by the wheels on the body of the vehicle, and that may be conveniently removed from the vehicle when the improved scrapers are not needed for service." (Lines 7-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 19, 1896
Creator: Smith, William F.