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Improved Bridge.

Description: Patent for an invention that "is to provide certain improvements in the construction of bridges, whereby the parts thereof, of wood, may be readily removed for the substitution of others, when decayed or broken, without interfering with the use of the bridge or weakening it (lines 10-15)". The patent includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 11, 1870
Creator: McDowell, H. S.

Improvement in Churns.

Description: Patent for improvement in churns by using an oblong box with a diamond-shaped dash fixed in the box. The churning is done by rapidly swing the box back and forth until butter is obtained. Illustration is included.
Date: October 8, 1872
Creator: Cottingham, Gideon W.

Bee Hive.

Description: Patent for improvements to "that class of bee-hives or bee-houses having a series of compartments..." (lines 15-17) with instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 21, 1878
Creator: Walton, George Slaughter

Improvement in Cotton-Sprinklers

Description: Patent for Improvements to cotton-sprinklers that provides "effective distribution of poisonous liquids upon cotton-plants, for the purpose of destroying the cotton-worm or other destructive insects." (lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustration.
Date: November 11, 1879
Creator: Schier, John

Umbrella and Sun Shade.

Description: Patent for a new and improved (sun) umbrella. This design utilizes an adjustable metal frame that can be attached to a piece of equipment (e.g., a tractor) or worn comfortably by a person. This allows for hands-free use while being protected from the sun and/or rain.
Date: February 8, 1881
Creator: Gray, Hiram Balderston.