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Improvement in Cotton-Presses.

Description: Patent for improvement in cotton-presses that relates to a specific combination toggle arms connected to a platen with a ball-and-socket or other joint and sliding guide rods.
Date: November 9, 1875
Creator: Bearce, Larned S.

Improvement in Bale-Ties.

Description: Patent for "a new and Improved Bale-Tie" (lines 4-5) including illustrations.
Date: August 10, 1875
Creator: Szabo, Alexander A.

Improvement in Car-Brakes.

Description: Patent for improved railway car-brakes, including illustrations.
Date: July 6, 1875
Creator: O'Hara, Richard C.

Improvement in Compositions for Filling Teeth.

Description: Patent for a new compound for use as a tooth filling as related to dentistry. Names all of the ingredients forming the compound and lists the necessary proportions of each ingredient.
Date: February 9, 1875
Creator: Erlenmeyer, Erwin

Improvement in Saw-Mills

Description: Patent for an improvement in saw mills, with illustration.
Date: February 9, 1875
Creator: Linder, Charles

Improvement in Locomotive Smoke - Stacks.

Description: Patent for new and useful improvement in locomotive smoke stacks, "in which the sparks, live cinders, and other heavy particles are arrested near the top of the stack." It consists of a petticoat-pipe, arranged so that it may be raised or lowered for the purpose of regulating the draft.
Date: January 5, 1875
Creator: Cleary, Edward