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Acetylene-Gas Generator

Description: Patent for an improved acetylene-gas generator with a carbid receptacle on top of of the gasometer an an improved automated valve mechanism to assist with gas maintenance.
Date: 19
Creator: Loyer, William Joseph

Apparatus for Calcining Plaster

Description: This patent is for an apparatus for calcining plaster of any kind. Or an apparatus that keeps clean the inner surface of a revoluble drum for ventilating the drum during the calcining operation. The apparatus also provides for easily removing the material after the completion of the cooking operation (Lawrence, 1902).
Date: March 12, 1902
Creator: Lawwrence, Ambrose

Attachment for Barrels of Firearms

Description: Patent for simple, light, and durable device adapted for barrels of rifles, muskets, and other arms to prevent the noise made from when firing.
Date: January 5, 1899
Creator: Washington, R. M.


Description: Patent for...Bale-Tie
Date: 1892, December 20
Creator: Bardon, Prosper

Baling Press

Description: Patent for "a new and Improved Baling-Press" (lines 7-8) with description and illustrations.
Date: August 26, 1902
Creator: Goodwyn, Thadeus A.


Description: Patent for an improved hive, in which bees are fed and watered more efficiently and honey can be removed without the loss of bees. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Date: December 13, 1882
Creator: Meyer, Edward

Beer Cooler

Description: Patent for...Beer Cooler
Date: December 13, 1892
Creator: Gibson, Wyatt & Sadler, James F.


Description: Patent for
Date: 19
Creator: Merritt, William Neal

Clothes Line

Description: Patent for a clothes line. Illustration included.
Date: 19-10-27
Creator: Boese, Charles W.


Description: Patent for device for holding clothes leveraging spring medal wire and hooks at the ends.
Date: July 11, 1900
Creator: Towers, C. R.

Combined Agricultural Implement

Description: Patent for a "combined cultivator and ditcher mounted" (lines 10 -12) with illustrations and instructions included.
Date: September 12, 1882
Creator: Rutherford, Robert W.

Combined Chair, Cot and Bed

Description: Patent for a combination of a chair, cot and bed and improvements made unto it. Illustrations and instructions included.
Date: July 8, 1882
Creator: McClelland, Stephen

Corn - Cotton Planter

Description: Patent for...adjustable corn, cotton or seed planter.
Date: 1892, December 13
Creator: Adkins, Stephen J.

Cotton Chopper

Description: Patent for...cotton chopper that works vertically and horizontally.
Date: 1892, December 13
Creator: Nevel, William Andrew & Kemper, Granville Garnett

Cotton Cleaner And Feeder

Description: Patent for a cotton cleaner and feeder. It is designed with an intermediate of a chute and cotton-gin to feed the cotton to the gin. Illustrations included.
Date: 19
Creator: Seward, Marion F. & Seward, Joseph H.

Cotton Harvester

Description: Patent for "new and useful improvements to cotton harvesters" (lines 5-6) with illustrations and instructions.
Date: July 6, 1883
Creator: Myers, John & Meyers, John Edward

Coupling for Connecting Handles to Tools

Description: Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Couplings for Connecting Handles to Tools" (lines 5-7) with description and illustration.
Date: July 29. 1902
Creator: Suttle, Willis A.


Description: Patent for improvements in cultivators and includes illustrations and instructions.
Date: February 24, 1883
Creator: Wise, David