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Horsetail Holder

Description: Patent for an improvement in horse harnesses pertaining to holding a horse's tail to prevent it from switching and catching the driving lines and reins.
Date: June 17, 1913
Creator: Canion, J.R.


Description: Patent for a headlight design that turns with the front wheels, allowing the driver to illuminate the road ahead whether driving straight or turning.
Date: June 30, 1914
Creator: Fay, Peter J.


Description: Patent for a sink with adequate drainage and connection with a water supply. Can be used with soda fountains etc. Illustrations included.
Date: March 17, 1914
Creator: Gardner, Jesse

Box-Corner Protector.

Description: Patent for a metal corner protector for boxes. The protector covers both the inner and outer corners of boxes to enhance grip and prevent protruding edges from damaging goods.
Date: February 10, 1914
Creator: Black, Katherine Mary


Description: Patent for "improvements in drafting instruments and has particular application to a protractor or plotter." (lines 8-10)
Date: December 23, 1913
Creator: Ward, Walter P.

Sanitary Cuspidor.

Description: Patent for a sanitary cuspidor which remains closed when not in use and will "return automatically to closed position" (lines 10-11) immediately after use and includes one illustration.
Date: October 21, 1913
Creator: Fousek, Karl

Spring Equalizer System.

Description: Patent for a spring equalizing system designed for motor vehicles.
Date: October 21, 1913
Creator: Pitts, William Wirt


Description: Patent for suspenders with a construction that allows for there to be an enhanced way of supporting two items of clothing like trousers and drawers, including illustrations.
Date: October 21, 1913
Creator: Mally, Frederick W. & Hudson, Edwin P.


Description: Patent for road paving material with cement as a base and stones or gravel used as a topping. Asphalt is poured over the gravel to extend the life of the paving.
Date: June 24, 1913
Creator: MacDonald, Ray

Copy Holder

Description: Patent for a copy holder. This device is to hold copy for typewriters, compositors, etc. It also provides a copy holder possessing an adjustable indicating bar. Illustrations included.
Date: February 11, 1913
Creator: Newton, Marvin G. & Edwards, J. M.

Slide Rule

Description: Patent for a slide rule. Illustration included.
Date: January 14, 1913
Creator: Hamby, Robert M.

Cotton Chopper

Description: Patent for a cotton chopper. This invention consists of chopping blades attached to the rotary shaft. Illustration included.
Date: November 5, 1912
Creator: Carlson, Peet

Machine for Cracking Nuts

Description: Patent for a machine for cracking nuts of various types but especially pecans.
Date: November 5, 1912
Creator: McDonald, Charles Walton


Description: Patent for a mail box with an indicating flag.
Date: September 10, 1912
Creator: Tumey, Thomas House


Description: Patent for a skirt rack for holding skirts for display in stores and protecting them from wear and dust.
Date: August 6, 1912
Creator: Douglas, John A.


Description: Patent for a fly trap that is simple to make and use.
Date: February 13, 1912
Creator: Wallace, William Simpson

Non-Explosive Oil-Container.

Description: Patent for a protective screen of refractory filaments for "containers holding inflammable, explosive fluids such as naphtha, benzin, gasolene, etc." (lines 10-12)
Date: December 12, 1911
Creator: Ziller, Robert L.

Base-Ball Score-Card

Description: Patent for a baseball score card that has spaces for putting the players name on the card from both teams on the same side.
Date: December 5, 1911
Creator: Dealey, Walter A.


Description: Patent for an improvement upon the sewing awl that is designed to work well with leather workers. The sewing awl is made to be "adaptable to work with a break or tension device, capable of restraining a thread holding spool against free rotation to prevent excessive undesirable slack or looseness of the thread" (lines 15-19) as illustrated and described.
Date: November 28, 1911
Creator: Alten, George Philip


Description: Patent for a cotton chopper with a wheel supported frame.
Date: October 10, 1911
Creator: Carlson, Peter


Description: Patent for a commode/toilet seat and storage cabinet that holds multiple seats that can be used to provide individual seats for each person using the commode/toilet.
Date: September 26, 1911
Creator: Ainsworth, Lucian M.

Hydrant Valve.

Description: Patent for an improved valve for hydrants that, when closed, allows water to drain out of the riser and bib, preventing freezing. Includes illustrations.
Date: September 26, 1911
Creator: Ziller, William

Combination Lock Joint or Device.

Description: Patent for a combination lock joint or device for sectional poles that prevents bending of the pole and allows for sections of the pole to be easily taken on or off.
Date: July 25, 1911
Creator: Carleton, Ernest William