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Description: Patent for cotton chopper attachment for wheeled cultivators that allowed the user to "cut or chop out portions of the cotton row so that the growth of the remaining cotton is facilitated."
Date: October 20, 1914
Creator: Arthur, George P.

Tool for Building and Repairing Wire Fences

Description: Patent for a wire fence building and repair tool that includes "features of a wire stretcher, staple puller, hammer, and a crowbar" (lines 15-16) and can "secure together the two extremities of a broken fence wire so that the same may be tied or intertwisted." (lines 18-20)
Date: August 11, 1914
Creator: Bingham, Robert L.

Corn and Cotton Planter

Description: Patent for a corn and cotton planter that can plant two rows at a time.
Date: June 11, 1912
Creator: Hooper, Martin T.

Switch-Throwing Mechanism.

Description: Patent related to switch throwing mechanisms, specifically for vehicles. This switch throwing mechanism allows the operator of the vehicle to properly conduct the switch without stopping the vehicle.
Date: April 2, 1912
Creator: Reiger, Paul J.


Description: Patent for a spark plug used in explosive engines. Illustrations included.
Date: July 26, 1910
Creator: Estes, Robert E. & Inman, John P.


Description: Patent for a cotton chopper, which attaches to a cultivator that throws the dirt out of the way to allow the plants to be chopped more easily.
Date: March 15, 1910
Creator: Arthur, George P.

Automatic Cut-Off for Cisterns

Description: Patent for a automatic cutoff for cisterns which prevents the first muddy water coming down a rain spout from going into the cistern by sending it into a separate waste pipe.
Date: March 9, 1909
Creator: Estes, Robert Ephriam

Well Tube

Description: Patent for a well tube. "This invention relates to well pumps and particularly to a suction attachment for use in conjunction with the strainers of pumps of that character wherein a piston is operatively arranged within an outflow pipe" (line 8-12). Illustration included.
Date: March 5, 1907
Creator: Medlock, Augustus Lafayette


Description: Patent for a new and improved animal trap.
Date: March 6, 1906
Creator: Myers, George M.

Pencil Holder

Description: Patent for a pocket pencil holder. Illustration included.
Date: August 30, 1904
Creator: Eldredge, Alva Roy

Double-Acting Cylinder-Pump.

Description: Patent for improvements in double-acting cylinder-pumps by making “the cages and check-valves detachable from the piston-cylinder without removing or disturbing either the casing or piston-cylinder and can be replaced in the same manner.” (Lines 18-22) Illustration in included.
Date: April 22, 1902
Creator: Arnold, Henry B.


Description: Patent for a device to secure a pencil within the breast-pocket, including description and illustrations.
Date: October 22, 1901
Creator: Hogg, George, Sr.

Double Acting Cylinder Pump

Description: Patent for double acting cylinder pumps capable of continuous operation and a continuous stream of water, including illustration.
Date: October 15, 1901
Creator: Arnold, Henry B.


Description: Patent for a new pencil-holder that is "a light, efficient and convenient pencil-holder capable of reliably securing the pencil to which it is attached within the pocket, thereby holding the same in readiness for use." (Lines 14-17) Illustration included.
Date: May 8, 1900
Creator: Hogg, George, Sr.


Description: Patent for a "music case or holder for carrying, protecting, and using sheet-music, and is so constructed that by its use the music is not rolled nor creased, is held in place, and it is not necessary to take the music from the case when it is to be used." (Lines 8-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 22, 1895
Creator: Ray, Theodore

Button for Billiard Counters.

Description: Patent for a new and improved button for billiard counters. This design "ha[s] the transverse opening and passage extending therefrom to the periphery thereof and communicating with said opening and the longitudinal hole in close proximity to the transverse opening, and the pin adapted to engage said hole, whereby the button is removably secured to a wire" (lines 83-90).
Date: November 18, 1890
Creator: De Vitt, Phillip Melvin


Description: Patent for "a washing-machine which will rapidly wash clothes of coarse or fine texture without injury thereto. This object I accomplish by my improved washing-machine, which consists, essentially, of a cylindrical body, a flexible and adjustable wash-board in the lower half thereof, and a corrugated drum rotating in the body above the wash-board" (lines 9-16).
Date: October 28, 1890
Creator: Baugh, Reuben P.