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Nesting and Brooding Box

Description: Patent for a nesting and brooding box made to keep poultry safe from other animals and to be easily transported. Illustrations included.
Date: June 25, 1907
Creator: Bradford, Joseph W.


Description: Patent for improved chicken coop with simplified construction and modified features.
Date: June 26, 1906
Creator: Harp, Charles A.


Description: Patent for rein supports to be attached to the front of a buggy, with an adjustable height and being collapsible for storage.
Date: June 11, 1901
Creator: Hill, William E.


Description: Patent for an improved thill coupling, one meant to "prevent the annoyance of nuts coming off, allowing the thill to come out of place" (lines 55-57). "It is also for the purpose of facilitating the changing of a pair of shafts for a tongue or a tongue for shafts" (lines 59-61).
Date: June 8, 1897
Creator: Kitching, David C.

Tire Tightener.

Description: Patent for a new and improved tire-tightener. This design "has for its object to improve the means for lifting the felly so as to permit the insertion of a washer between the felly and the spoke, so as to take up any slack or looseness that may have occurred, and thus tighten the tire on the felly" (lines 15-20). It consists, "with a block adapted to be clamped to a spoke and an adjusting-screw, of a jaw operated by said screw and having its upper portion extended or curved to one side and then bifurcated to form two arms, each of which is provided with a fork adapted to lie against the under face" (lines 39-46).
Date: June 14, 1892
Creator: Cayce, Robert Walter


Description: Patent for improvements in chemises which would relieve wearers “the annoyance of having the garment gather about the limbs while walking which often produces great embarrassment in public places.” (Lines 42-45) Illustration is included.
Date: June 2, 1891
Creator: Burt, Emma Ruby


Description: Patent for a new and improved design concerning automatic car couplings that is novel in the some of its parts.
Date: June 17, 1890
Creator: Bullock, Henry Purnell

Improvement in Bale-Ties.

Description: Patent for improving the way that hay bales are tied and bound. This bale tie is an addition to a previous patent (number 152,138).
Date: June 16, 1874
Creator: Mangham, Josiah T.