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Breast-Strap for Harness.

Description: Patent for "a breast-strap so constructed as to obviate pressure on the windpipe of the horse and to transfer such pressure to the shoulders; to obviate chafing or rubbing of the breast-strap upon the shoulders, and to permit them to move freely in advance of each other as a result of the movements of the horse." (Lines 12-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Russell, Charles H.

Car Construction.

Description: Patent for "a construction which will permit the speedy and easy removal of brake supporting blocks or equivalent parts from the lower or floor frame of a car and the substitution of others without displacement or injury of other parts of the car." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Coffin, Walter E.


Description: Patent for "a simple, safe, and practical coupling for cars, arranged to couple at one time as many cars as may be desired, and to operate automatically so as to avoid all necessity of going between the cars, and adapted to use the ordinary link and to couple with cars having a higher or lower draw bar than itself." (Lines 7-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Elliott, James W.

Combined Engine and Superheater Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a "combined steam superheater apparatus and engine driven thereby, which in turn is utilized to automatically shift the steam feeding and cut off devices, and such invention primarily has for its object to provide a combined mechanism of this character which will effectively operate for its intended purposes" (lines 7-14). It also requires a minimal amount of effort to operate, sifts solids out of the water, and retains heat.
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Walker, James C.


Description: Patent for an improved gate-latch for swinging gates that is especially simple, economic, and efficient.
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Wilson, James L.


Description: Patent for a logging-truck that is a "simple and convenient apparatus which is operated by a team to raise the logs from the ground, and which thus obviates the necessity of using a hand windlass as is usually done" (lines 14-18). This is used in countries where it does not snow often.
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Brough, William, Jr.


Description: Patent for a simple and inexpensive thill-coupling that "can be conveniently applied to any ordinary vehicle, which is arranged in such a way that rattling is positively prevented, and which, when the thills are dropped, permits them to be freely lifted from the coupling; also to a modified form of the device designed to prevent rattling only" (lines 12-18).
Date: December 25, 1894
Creator: Parker, Daniel

Combined Shoot-Board and Squaring-Box.

Description: Patent for a combined shoot-board and squaring-box meant to square and shave "the edges of stereotype and other printing plates; ant to this end the invention contemplates a device of this character that will be of an exceedingly simple and comparatively inexpensive construction, while at the same time providing for an easy and accurate manipulation of the plates being operated upon" (lines 10-17).
Date: December 18, 1894
Creator: Owen, Thomas

Field Thrashing-Machine.

Description: Patent for a field thrashing-machine that can be carried into a field and harvests the tops of standing grain as it is carried forward. The machine also thrashes the grain, separates the grain from the chaff, and delivers the grain in a receptacle.
Date: December 18, 1894
Creator: Anderson, Axel

Gearing and Gear-Covering for Agricultural Machinery.

Description: Patent for a gearing and gear-covering for agricultural machinery that has "an improved bearing for the ground-wheel in which wear will be reduced to a minimum, and the parts readily maintained in proper relative alignment and position, and also to produce an efficient guard for the gearing, whereby cotton and corn-stalks, weeds, grass, and other foreign bodies, are prevented from engaging and clogging the same, and thus impede the free positive operation of the machine" (lines 22-31).
Date: December 18, 1894
Creator: Schofield, James Drommond

Machine for Cutting Stick-Candy.

Description: Patent for a simple and durable machine for cutting stick-candy that is "capable of traveling over a table or other support upon which stick candy in given lengths may be laid, and to so travel over the table that the lengthy sticks of candy will be made to slide over the bed of the machine, under a knife or its equivalent; and a further object of the invention is to provide a means whereby the knife may be manipulated at predetermined points in the travel of the machine to cut the lengthy sticks into shorter predetermined lengths" (lines 11-21).
Date: December 18, 1894
Creator: Allardyce, John M.


Description: Patent for match-receptacle that holds a number of matches and the operator can withdraw one match at a time. The match must be ignited before its removal.
Date: December 18, 1894
Creator: Halsey, Fred Deo


Description: Patent for a simple and durable stock-trough that feeds and waters stock and is easily cleaned. No wooden parts are exposed to the watering portion of the trough, and the invention will not injure the stock.
Date: December 18, 1894
Creator: Harry, Thomas C. & Harry, Hugh W.


Description: Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and durable double tree that utilizes the entire force of the strain and divides it equally between the animals.
Date: December 11, 1894
Creator: Beaver, Francis Marion


Description: Patent for an improved car-coupling that automatically couples cars by "striking together adjacent couplers of the same class, and which may be conveniently uncoupled by a person standing at a distance from the coupler without going between the cars, as with the ordinary couplers" (lines 10-15).
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Bishop, James C.

Corn or Cotton Planter.

Description: Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and efficient adjustable corn or cotton planter. It has a frame, ground-wheel, furrow opening and closing apparatuses, a hopper, seeding devices, a crank-arm, an agitator shift, a set-screw, a crank-pin, and bearings on the sides of the hopper.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Brown, Mathias


Description: Patent for a cotton-cleaner that has the flue leading from the gin to the condenser. It is an improvement previously granted to the inventor (No. 506,134), where "dust-laden air will be effectually prevented from passing through the cleaning drum of the cleaner and mingling again with the cleaned cotton which is fed to the condenser" (lines 16-20).
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Rembert, Henry

Feeder for Printing-Machines.

Description: Patent for a feeder for printing machines that supplies sheets for them to be printed automatically. It has a reciprocating bed with a cylinder over it which rotates when the bed moves. Blank sheets are on the beds, and the cylinder moves the sheets off the beds, into rollers.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Clarke, George R.

Gas-Compressing Pump.

Description: Patent for a gas-compressing pump used in refrigeration and ice making. "The object of [the] invention is to reduce the height of a vertical machine, to facilitate access to the parts and relieve the foundation of strains; to reduce to a minimum the angularity of the connecting rod during the latter part of the stroke, and to improve various details of construction" (lines 19-25).
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Farnsworth, Thomas

Main Slide-Valve and Throttle-Valve for Steam-Engines.

Description: Patent for a simple main slide-valve and throttle-valve for steam-engines. The throttle valve is a flat plat and slides in a channel between the valve seat and the cylinder head. The twin engine cylinders are horizontally placed at the same height as the throttle valve. The main slide valve "affords a complete and superior valve mechanism for a quick speed steam engine" (lines 29-30).
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Devoissaud, John P.


Description: Patent for a plow-point that can be used on a shovel or spade plow. "it consists of an attachment which can be applied to the point of these plows and which will operate to more effectually divide the ground and allow the plow to cultivate the hardest and most refractory kinds of soil" (lines 10-15).
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Prentice, Thomas

Support for Cutter-Heads.

Description: Patent for a support for cutter-heads that allows the operator to easily sharpen, dress, and treat the bits or cutters of the head. It has a spindle that turns and slides in a bearing and supports a cutter-head a pin in the spindle that is seated inn the grooves in the bearings, and a spring loaded bolt in the end of the spindle.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Kendig, Andrew


Description: Patent for ventilating-flue made from sheet-metal tubes, and "can be placed in any building without necessitating making the same in one length, the sections being constructed so as to be readily adjusted on each other" (lines 12-15).
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Lange, Fritz


Description: Patent for a water-power. It consists of a dam built halfway across a stream, a power-house with its upper end closed and inclined towards the upstream, gated inlet openings on the side of the power-house, gates that control the inlet openings, and a water-wheel on the stream side of the power-house.
Date: December 4, 1894
Creator: Vernon, William E.