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Improvement in Thill-Couplings.

Description: Patent for improvements in thill-couplings "whereby provision is made for the easy connection and disconnection of the shafts or pole of the vehicle without any unscrewing or removal of bolts or pins" (para. 2).
Date: November 26, 1872
Creator: Fitzsimmons, Henry


Description: Patent for Tree-Heater. "The object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described for the purpose of generating and distributing heat and so constructed that it may be suspended from or placed beneath small trees and shrubs for the purpose of raising the temperature of the atmosphere surrounding the same in order to prevent said trees or shrubs and the fruit thereof from being injured by reason of cold" (lines 11-19).
Date: October 31, 1911
Creator: Wilson, Luther M.

Combined Plow and Harrow.

Description: Patent for combined plows and harrows, which operates to break up the earth after it has been plowed, while the plow is opening another furrow. This invention also features the provision of a harrow attachment which can be readily applied to or removed from various types of plows.
Date: October 21, 1913
Creator: Rohrer, Darius B.

Sealing Device.

Description: Patent for improvements in the design of devices used for sealing car doors, including illustrations and a description. The device is designed in such a way that the seal may not be removed in the locked position without breaking the door, thus preventing theft.
Date: July 1, 1913
Creator: Fox, Charles E.

Incubator Alarm

Description: Patent for incubator alarm in which an audible signal will be triggered when the temperature of the incubator is above or below the normal predetermined degree.
Date: June 10, 1913
Creator: Kelley, Clyde W.

Track-Laying Machine

Description: Patent for Tracking Laying machine.The combination of train of cars, sectional tramway, and extending along the sides of the car gives means for disconnecting the connection. The fore-mentioned applications improves tack laying machines.
Date: May 27, 1913
Creator: Simpson, Charles, M. & Smith, Howard F.


Description: Patent for improvements in the construction of well-screens in order to increase efficiency and prevent clogs using a "cheap and durable construction" (lines 11-12) that includes illustrations and a description.
Date: May 27, 1913
Creator: Layne, Mahlon, E.


Description: Patent for new and useful improvement to clothes pins to automatically lock themselves against accidental disengagement from the clothes line.
Date: April 22, 1913
Creator: Ingersoll, Charles J.


Description: Patent for Tie-Plate, which is an improvement on rail ties for railroad use. The Tie-Plate is a "single piece of material", providing a "rail supporting surface" (pg. 2, lines 13-17). Ribbing in the plate, allow for adjustable height to support the rails and a seat for the spikes.
Date: April 22, 1913
Creator: Clarke, Marcus S. & Adreon, Edward L., Jr.

Automobile Body.

Description: Patent for an automobile body that is designed for people who enjoy doing outdoor activities. Compares this design to the current design of what is called "touring cars."
Date: April 15, 1913
Creator: Saxon, Frank