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Band-Cutter and Feeder for Thrashing-Machines

Description: Patent for an attachment for thrashing-machines "for cutting the bands on the sheaves of wheat, rice, or other grain, to spread the loosened bundles out uniformly, and to then feed them thus spread out into the thrashing-machine, whereby the strain on the machine can be made more uniform" (lines 15-20) and the capacity and efficiency can be increased.
Date: November 1, 1892
Creator: Hill, Frank R.


Description: Patent for improvements onto railway joints to "omit the declining surfaces of the fish-plate and to employ in conjunction with my other devices or wedges an ordinary fish-plate, whereby the invention may be applied to the joints of rails now in use any change whatever either to the fish-plates or the bolts" (lines 22-28).
Date: November 22, 1892
Creator: Greenwell, Robert E.