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Description: Patent for a new and improved can opener. This design "consists of can-opener comprising a blade or cutter vertically adjustable to allow it to be forced into a can-head to be cut" (lines 34-36).
Date: August 9, 1898
Creator: Connett, Matthew F.

Composition Pulp Plaster and Process of Manufacturing Same.

Description: Patent for "a composition pulp plaster designed as a substitute for ordinary lime-plaster and equivalent materials and particularly adapted for use in warm moist climates, where the ordinary lime-plaster lacks durability and is rendered non-adherent. A further objective of the invention is to provide a cheap substitute for plaster which will be not only waterproof, but also fireproof and gas-proof or practically impervious to air" (lines 9-18). It includes instructions for manufacturing the plaster with various proportions of the ingredients depending on the purpose.
Date: May 9, 1899
Creator: Blake, David H. & Ray, Jeramiah P.

Large woody debris in the lower San Antonio River

Description: This report "investigates the amount and effect of large wood debris (LWD) in the lower San Antonio River by quantifying the wood loading and evaluating the effect LWD might have on bank-full discharge and channel stability. This report describes the study reach, the methods employed, and the results derived for each aspect of the study."
Date: June 1, 2012
Creator: Haschenburger, Judith K.


Description: Patent for a new and useful door hanger. This invention is to "provide a simple and inexpensive device so constructed as to avoid dismounting and at the same time enable a door, window, or an equivalent device to be operated with the minimum friction" (line 9-13).
Date: December 21, 1897
Creator: Masterson, Bernard W.

Safety-Platform for Railway-Cars.

Description: Patent for an improvement to safety platforms for freight cars and other railway cars, intended to "protect the lives of trainment and others whose duties demand the rapid passing from car to car of a train while in motion" (lines 12-14).
Date: May 27, 1902
Creator: Holland, John & Wickline, William P.


Description: Patent for cheese cutter that features improvements which include guides for the knife, the box and cover, and the means for holding the cheese in place on a rotatable platform.
Date: December 30, 1902
Creator: Niggli, Emil

Lining for Cells, Vaults, or the Like

Description: Patent for Lining for Cells, Vaults, or the Like. The Linings whether employed in Jail-Cells or other Similar Buildings , and the object thereof is to provide a structure made up of parts which may be placed within a room or enclosure and securely built therein without necessity of using patch-bolts or screws.
Date: November 25, 1902
Creator: Youngblood, David F.

Mi Tierra

Description: Report detailing areas of blight (i.e. slum areas, in which there is deteriorated residence structures and above-average population density) in San Antonio, TX, with the purpose of arresting continued growth of these areas.
Date: 1967
Creator: San Antonio City Planning Department

Funding Request- Full Year Head Start

Description: Funding request for Head Start program in San Antonio/Bexar County run by the Economic Opportunities Development Corporation. Includes verification of compliance with federal grant requirements.
Date: October 8, 1971
Creator: Economic Opportunities Development Corp. of San Antonio and Bexar County

Interlocking-Bar Grating for Jails.

Description: Patent for gratings used in jails. "In these structures as ordinarily made upright and horizontal bars are provided which are located at right angles to each other, these bars being necessarily secured together at their points of intersection to prevent their being spread apart" (lines 11-16).
Date: November 25, 1902
Creator: Youngblood, David Franklin

[San Antonio Master Water Plan Map]

Description: Map of San Antonio, Texas with colored markings to show plans for the water main system, including main locations from 1971-73 and from 1974-80, pump stations, system storage, and booster stations.
Date: unknown
Creator: San Antonio City Water Board
Location Info: