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Description: Patent for a bale-fastening device that "may be applied with facility to a cotton-bale or to an equivalent package." (lines 9-11) including instructions and illustrations. The tie comprises "a band, a key engaged with the band and rotatable to coil the same therearound, and a lock fitted upon the band and engaged with the key to prevent reverse rotation thereof" (lines 105-109).
Date: August 30, 1898
Creator: Campbell, Douglas M.


Description: Patent for "improvements in journal boxes, the object of my improvement being to provide simple and effective means for applying the lubricant, retaining it always within reach of the wearing surfaces, and conveying it over all of the surface which is subject to frictional content" (lines 8-14).
Date: December 27, 1892
Creator: Sneddon, William

Rotary Engine.

Description: Patent for a simply-constructed rotary, steam-powered engine that minimizes friction and noise, and for which wear is automatically compensated. It is "capable of running at a very low or high speed without subjecting the parts to any unusual strains or wear" (lines 16-18). One lever controls the steam supply and can reverse the movement of the engine cutting off.
Date: November 3, 1896
Creator: Wilson, Alonzo T.

Frame Building.

Description: Patent for frame building. This invention relates to an improvement in the construction of buildings, especially frame buildings, and has for its object to provide a means whereby the building may be erected at a minimum cost and in a simple, convenient, and expeditious manner.
Date: January 26, 1892
Creator: Boyd, John Allen

Soap-Making Apparatus.

Description: Patent for improvements in soap-making apparatus by using the “same frames to mix the ingredients and in cooling the prepared mass, thus obviating the necessity of the removal of the mixed mass from the mixing-frame to a cooling-frame.” (Lines 11-15) Illustration
Date: August 18, 1891
Creator: Grant, William A.

Apparatus for Heating up Locomotive-Boilers.

Description: Patent for an "apparatus for kindling fires in locomotives; and it is intended to provide an improved apparatus by which the fires may be rapidly and economically kindled and steam may be gotten up without much of the tedious delay now ordinarily incident to raising steam in a cold locomotive-boiler." (Lines 13-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 21, 1896
Creator: Connor, John T.


Description: Patent for improvements to the monthly reference calendar, which includes note space and a monthly index. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 6, 1891
Creator: Sittig, Alexander Franklin

Process of Manufacturing Soap.

Description: Patent for an improved process designed "to lessen the time required for the manufacture of soaps and at the same time have all portions of a mass thereof of uniform character, also to make more soap from the same amount of fat or oils than is now done by the ordinary processes." (Lines 8-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 28, 1890
Creator: Grant, William A.

Draft Attachment for Doubletrees.

Description: Patent for "a draft attachment which shall prevent the swaying of the pole or tongue sidewise, and cause the draft of the animals to be independent of each other." (Lines 19-23) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 26, 1895
Creator: Harmon, William Ellis & Garwood, John L.

Draft Attachment.

Description: Patent for "an improved construction for draft attachments whereby we may dispense with the action of the ordinary doubletree or evener and throw the draft of each animal directly upon the axle-clips or fixed point of attachment on its side of the axle, thereby causing the draft of each animal to be independent of the other and avoid the tendency of the stronger, or in starting the quicker animal, pulling the weaker or slower animal backward and to one side of the line of draft." (Lines 14-25) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: February 26, 1895
Creator: Harmon, William Ellis & Garwood, John L.


Description: Patent for new and improved safety razor, which will be similar to an ordinary razor, and "can be used either in its safety form or in the ordinary manner" (lines 15-16) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 20, 1897
Creator: Bradley, Richard Sherman.


Description: Patent for a wrench that uses friction-rollers to clamp the thing that is being turned. A rotary ring-shaped cam is what actually turns the wrench's object, and there are teeth that surround the outside of the cam. A pawl, when turning the handle, turns the teeth. This is what makes the cam rotate.
Date: September 15, 1896
Creator: Fisk, Marston


Description: Patent for a stock-guard meant for use in railway-tracks. It has many beveled caps, "each having a flange or projection on one side, and adapted to fit over the cross-ties" (lines 46-18). There are also slats, each with a flange on its upper edge, and the slats are arranged between the caps.
Date: November 10, 1896
Creator: Lee, Jacob Martin

Cattle-Guard for Railroads.

Description: Patent for an improved and inexpensive railroad cattle-guard that "can be readily secured to the road-bed of a railroad, as well as easily removed therefrom, as in case of needed repair, or for other purposes" (lines 19-22). The invention provides an uneven surface for the cattle to walk on.
Date: December 3, 1895
Creator: Lee, Jacob M.

Singletree Attachment.

Description: Patent for "an improved device on the end of a singletree to hold the end of a harness-tug" (lines 12-14). It has a stirrup-holder hinged to a ferrule, a handle, a stirrup, and a tug.
Date: December 31, 1895
Creator: Cawthon, Peter WIllis

Device for the Protection of Vessels.

Description: Patent for a device that protects boats and consists of supporting plates, two of which are firmly secured to the side of the boat, springs between the supporting plates, and chains that limit the movement of supporting plates.
Date: July 24, 1894
Creator: Bailey, William Henry, Sr.


Description: Patent for an improved gas governor that are used with gas-meters in supply-buildings and accurately regulates gas flow and pressure. The invention is a general improvement on gas governors, and is efficient in its operation.
Date: August 15, 1893
Creator: Martyr, Leonard W. & Eldridge, Hilliary