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Description: Patent for "improvements in journal boxes, the object of my improvement being to provide simple and effective means for applying the lubricant, retaining it always within reach of the wearing surfaces, and conveying it over all of the surface which is subject to frictional content" (lines 8-14).
Date: December 27, 1892
Creator: Sneddon, William

Rotary Engine.

Description: Patent for a simply-constructed rotary, steam-powered engine that minimizes friction and noise, and for which wear is automatically compensated. It is "capable of running at a very low or high speed without subjecting the parts to any unusual strains or wear" (lines 16-18). One lever controls the steam supply and can reverse the movement of the engine cutting off.
Date: November 3, 1896
Creator: Wilson, Alonzo T.

Improvement in Instruments for Filling Teeth

Description: Patent for improvement in instruments for filling teeth. "The object of this invention is to furnish an improved mode of filling teeth, by the use of which the filling may be built up, hardened, and polished at once, so that the filling will be as hard as marble when the patient leaves the operator's chair, and so that they can be immediately used for masticating."
Date: February 29, 1876
Creator: Ludwig, Carl D.


Description: Patent for an invention for train cars which "relates to car couplings, and especially to that class of the same which effect an automatic coupling by means of a gravity-hook," (lines 12-15) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 13, 1884
Creator: Washburn, Andrew Lynch & Journeay, Abram L.

Frame Building.

Description: Patent for frame building. This invention relates to an improvement in the construction of buildings, especially frame buildings, and has for its object to provide a means whereby the building may be erected at a minimum cost and in a simple, convenient, and expeditious manner.
Date: January 26, 1892
Creator: Boyd, John Allen


Description: Patent for try squares which provides certain improvement in try squares. "The aim of the present improvement is to provide means for continuing a scribe or mark around the edge of a board or piece of timber to correspond to a main indication accurately on both sides without changing the position of the square, and, further, to have the main blade of the square constructed for gaging or ruling by the provision therein of apertures to receive the point of a pencil or other marking device" (lines 9-18).
Date: October 7, 1902
Creator: Pugh, Samuel Ress

Sheldon Lake Environmental Learning Center

Description: This is an illustrated map of the Environmental Learning Center at Sheldon Lake state park. The map offers a detailed trail map and a bubble map showing the buildings inside of the park. There is also a legend provided to show the location of the parks amenities, as well as a "Trail Information" legend providing information on the trails. Reverse side of the map gives details on the various sites inside of the park.
Date: September 2006
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.
Location Info:


Description: Patent for a new and improved plow. This design "relates to double-mold-board plows, such as lister or middle-breaking plows. Its principle features are the depressed center bar, the removable point upon the center bar, and the removable shares" (lines 8-12).
Date: May 28, 1889
Creator: Tebbetts, Lewis B.; Pope, Charles H. & Stewart, John A.

Pole or shaft.

Description: Patent for poles and shafts for vehicles with the objective of providing "simple and inexpensive means for dispensing with the singletree ordinarily employed with a pair of shafts or thills in a one-horse vehicle or the usual doubletree in a two-horse vehicle." (Lines 10-15)
Date: October 22, 1901
Creator: Sharp, Marvin A. & Sharp, Bird H.


Description: Patent for an invention that relates to locks. "The prime object of the invention is to provide a supplemental locking device for the holding element, which is entirely separate from the usual locking mechanism, so that should one unacquainted with the lock attempt to open it in the ordinary manner by operating said usual mechanism the holding element will still be securely locked and the attempt would thus be frustrated." (Lines 14-21) Illustration is included.
Date: November 26, 1901
Creator: Rodrigo, Hendrick

Cinder Guard.

Description: Patent for a detachable cinder guard to be used with car panels. This cinder guard prevents cinders and other items that may cause combustion from entering a car window.
Date: December 31, 1901
Creator: Morse, S. F. B. & Tuggle, S. R.