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Description: Patent for an improved design of thimble which includes a needle-threader and a thread-cutter that can be used without removal of the thimble from the finger through the design of metal cone shapes as part of the thimble's design.
Date: November 21, 1905
Creator: Huntington, Spencer Hinsdale

Housing Market and Industry Profile: Phase 2

Description: Summary: This report is a brief analysis of the Housing Market and Industry in the Alamo Area Council of Governments Region. It relates the various sources of housing and locates geographically their concerted efforts, in order to identify gaps and unmet needs. It incorporates housing activity throughout the entire eleven county region and will form an important base of the regional housing development plan.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Alamo Area Council of Governments

Bee Hive.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bee hive. This design consists of "the combination, with the removable section, having the right-angled slots and the comb-frames of the securing-bar" (lines 95-98).
Date: September 20, 1881
Creator: Norwood, John M.

Trace Carrier.

Description: Patent for a new and improved trace-carrier. This design consists in "the combination of a cylindrical body of elongated form and obliquely arranged and having slots in the upper part thereof to form bars, a central top slot between said bars, and a lower bar having a recess therein, an obliquely-inclined spring-latch extending across one of the open ends of said body, the back-band having a strap to pass around said body, and a girth-strap connected to said lower recessed bar" (lines 13-22).
Date: July 19, 1892
Creator: Wellborn, Samuel Houston

Rack and Pinion Mechanism.

Description: Patent for a new and improved rack-and-pinion mechanism. This design "relates to improvements on rack-and-pinion mechanism to dispense with the connecting-rod on steam-engines, whereby a more equal, constant motive power at any point of the piston-stroke, and no dead or weak points of the same, will be obtained" (lines 9-14).
Date: October 22, 1889
Creator: MacDonald, Peter M.


Description: Patent for an improved washing machine "in which is employed a rotary agitator or dasher with blades, and it has for its objects among others to provide an improved construction whereby better results are attained, the construction simplified and made cheaper, less liable to become inoperative or injured and easier to operate" (lines 16-22). It has a cover with a hinged lid.
Date: April 4, 1893
Creator: Anderson, Albert Grant

Texas Water Development Board Facility Planning Report: Eastern Kerr County/Western Kendall County Regional Water Facility Plan

Description: Report on water facility plans in eastern Kerr County and western Kendall County, Texas including current facilities, area water supplies and geology, demographics, water demand, alternate water supplies, treatments, and storage, plan recommendations, letters between various organizations regarding the project, and public meeting documentation.
Date: September 2014
Creator: Drodzick, S. Keller