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Auxiliary Seeding Attachment for Planters
Patent for an attachment to existing hopper fed planters intended for larger format seeds (corn, cotton, etc.), to allow their use in distribution of smaller format seeds (cabbage, onions, etc.).
Fastening for Blind Slats.
Patent for a new and improved fastening for blind slats. This design "consists in a device for use with a blind to clamp the slat-rod, and thereby retain the slats more or less open or closed" (lines 7-9).
Combined Milk Pan and Curd or Cheese Mold.
Patent for a new and improved combined milk pan and curd or cheese mold. This design "consists in a dairy or kitchen utensil composed, mainly, of a pan with spout and stopper, and a detachable screen-cover to the pan constructed to also form a mold, and otherwise of peculiar construction" (lines 8-12).
Patent for an inexpensive, simple, and efficient lantern meant to be used outside in high winds, and can carry a candle or oil light.
Design for a Spoon.
Design patent for a souvenir spoon typical or representative of the state of Texas; "The leading feature of [the] design is a head and bust of Davy Crockett, which forms the outer and wide end of the handle...About the middle of the shank and projecting on each side of the same is the lone star, while on the bowl of the spoon is a representation of the old building known as the 'Alamo'" (lines 14-22).
Cranking Device
Patent for a cranking device. Illustration included.