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Patent for a lantern "in which a candle is used as a light-giving medium, and in which the chimney is tightly supported on the base of the lantern and around the candle, so that the light is fully protected against extinguishment by wind, and a cheap and convenient article is supplied" (lines 9-15). The lantern has a raised base with a candle socket in the middle, and the glass chimney is securely attached to the base. A frame and handle is attached to the base and top of the chimney.
Soot-Preventing Composition.
Patent for "an improved soot-preventing composition, which is used by being sprinkled over the coal and which furnished a more complete combustion of the carbon-particles carried along by the products of combustion, so that the deposit of soot into smoke-pipes, flues and chimneys is prevented from forming cinders and large clinkers." (Lines 9-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Gage for Bias-Cutters.
Patent for a gauge for bias-cutters that produces "a pair of shears or scissors and provide the same with such additions as will adapt them to accurately cut to a predetermined width bias strips of any fabric" (lines 10-14).
Patent for a lantern related to a patent previously granted to the inventor (No. 522,062). This patent has a more simple design and improved means for keeping the chimney on the base of the lantern. The base has a pivoted main-bail that extends above the chimney, and the bail has hinged to a handle-bail.