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Automatic Gun Firing Mechanism.

Description: Patent for an automatic gun firing mechanism intended to protect gardens, orchards, and fields by scaring off birds and other animals that destroy crops through automatic discharge of a firearm at predetermined intervals.
Date: March 18, 1913
Creator: Steinocher, John


Description: Patent for an improved device to produce a useful agitation of liquid in washing machines by configuring the paddles or blades in the most effective manner, including illustrations.
Date: February 23, 1915
Creator: Babek, Aloysius S.


Description: Patent for a flour sifter with a double sieve and agitator that can be operated simultaneously. Both sieves are detachable for cleaning.
Date: August 10, 1915
Creator: Green, Shirley M.

Rivet Setting and Displacing Tool

Description: Patent for a tool for "setting new rivets and displacing defective rivets from buggy bow-sockets" (line 9-10), and it is aimed to be easy to use with efficiency and reliability. The tool is constructed to be "simple, strong, durable and inexpensive construction" (line 16-18).
Date: March 2, 1915
Creator: Thrasher, John W.


Description: Patent for a tie that fastens the ends of a string together for the purpose of securely wrapping packages, including instructions and illustrations.
Date: March 23, 1915
Creator: Forsgard, Edward F.

Switch Mechanism

Description: Patent for a switch mechanism, which is a improvement for the switch throwing mechanisms used for street railway systems. "The switch is set by means of tripping devices by the car and under control of the motorman."
Date: March 2, 1915
Creator: Yoakum, Hugh D. & Greer, J. Knox


Description: Patent for an improved Ice Breaking Machine. This new design has movable plates that allow for the ice to be broken up into various sizes as desired by the user. It is also of a simpler construction than earlier machines.
Date: June 22, 1914
Creator: Krocker, Adolf C.


Description: Patent for a bee hive which has multiple compartments which the bees can travel through and, when keeper wants to remove honey all the bees can be sent into one compartment to avoid the danger of being stung. It also has ventilation and rain protection.
Date: November 5, 1907
Creator: Caperton, William Elson

Steam Generator

Description: Patent for an invention that "relates to a novel generator designed with special reference to the requirements of motor-vehicles, but capable of use in any connection where a completely automatic generator of light compact form is desirable" (lines 14-21). Illustrations are included.
Date: July 15, 1902
Creator: Walker, James C.