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Description: Patent for safety clamp "designed with special reference to supporting well-tubing in place in shallow or deep wells" (lines 8-10).
Date: November 11, 1902
Creator: Treadwell, Cornelia E.


Description: Patent for hose couplings which "may be very quickly and effectively placed in engagement with and held upon the nozzle of a hydrant, thus making the device very available for fire-hose" (lines 10-14).
Date: October 7, 1902
Creator: Dolen, Felix P.


Description: Patent for injector burner that provides rapid vaporization by maximum heating the walls of oil chamber and also has improved nozzle with oil outlet pipe. It has a detachable burner nozzle and maximum spread of flame is given by the burner-tip.
Date: December 9, 1902
Creator: Reagan, Edgar

Dental Occlusornce

Description: Patent for a dental tool that is used after all of a patients teeth are removed. This devise will restore the patients bite when the jaw is in the closed position.
Date: June 10, 1901
Creator: Stocks, Clarence


Description: Patent for new stalk rake design, “especially applicable as a rake for gathering corn or cotton stalks from the ground preparatory to plowing the same or otherwise fitting it for use”, (lines 13-17) including illustrations.
Date: July 15, 1902
Creator: Clark, Joesph Lauson

Acetylene Gas Generator.

Description: Patent for a acetylene gas generator which combines "both a generator and a gasometer the parts of which are so arranged as to render the machine efficient and entirely automatic in action, as well as inexpensive of production." (lines 16-20) including illustrations.
Date: October 14, 1902
Creator: Reynolds, Pearl P. & Reynolds, Jerry J.


Description: Patent for a shovel that is designed for scrapping and opening furrows. The angle of the shovel blade can be easily adjusted to the correct angle as to make the correct size furrow row in the field.
Date: December 19, 1902
Creator: Johnson, Alvis


Description: Patent for a new conveyer design “which is particularly adapted to load or unload railroad-car wheels or other heavy material on and of cars” (Lines 13-15) including illustrations.
Date: July 22, 1902
Creator: St. James, Henry Livingston

Toy Fountain.

Description: Patent for toy foundation. It is "an improved form of toy fountain by which a column of water or other liquid may be discharged into the air from a suitable reservoir by pueumatic pressure" (lines 8-11).
Date: December 9, 1902
Creator: Attwater, Henry P.

Hub-Attaching Device.

Description: Patent for hub attaching device. "This invention relates to means applied to ordinary vehicle-axles for preventing wear upon the same, a false wearing-surface being provided, which may be renewed when necessary, either on account of wear or for any other reason"(lines 11-16)
Date: November 18, 1902
Creator: Simon, Adolph P.

Steam Trap.

Description: Patent for invention that relates to improvements in steam and water separators, and more particularly to that class within the valve controlling the escape of the water condensation from the collecting-trap is operated by the movements of a float actuated by the water of condensation (Reynolds, 1901).
Date: July 9, 1901
Creator: Reynolds, William H.


Description: Patent for baling-press which is to "provide a rotary sweep,..., which is connected in a novel manner to the compressing-plunger, whereby said plunger is operated twice to each revolution of the sweep" (lines 12-16). Illustrations included.
Date: November 4, 1902
Creator: Fitz Water, Marshall V.


Description: Patent for vehicle axle that can be used as a replacement part of a worn out spindle, this invention is cost effective and efficient because it requires no welding.
Date: October 7, 1902
Creator: Cornett, Reuben B.

Separable Button or Stud.

Description: Patent for invention that relates to seperable buttons or studs - such as collar and cuff buttons, shirt-studs and the like of that which the article comprises a back or base portion provided with a stem or coupling member and a head provided the means to coact therewith,... (Vrendendurgh, 1902).
Date: September 2, 1902
Creator: Vrendenburgh, J. L.

Hydrocarbon-Burner for Stoves or Furnaces

Description: Patent for invention that relates to improvements in hydrocarbon-burner for stoves or furnaces or the like, the same being more especially intended for the consumption of crude oils... Among other things the invention has for its object the provision of an improved burner in which the liquid is vaporized within a confined space by causing it to splash upon a suitable obstacle and against the inner surface of a heated air-tube; to heat the air as it passes to the burner and to commingle the vapor and heated air so as to obtain an economical and combustible mixture (Greene, 1902).
Date: December 27, 1901
Creator: Greene, George A.

Vehicle - Axle

Description: Patent for a vehicle axle with removable spindle, whereby spindles of different length may be connected to the axle to change the gage of the vehicle--that is, from a narrow - gage vehicle to a wide-gage vehicle, and vice versa - and also permit of the replacement of an old worn spindle by a new one (Matthews, 1902)
Date: March 6, 1902
Creator: Mathews, Arthur R.

Tire for Vehicle-Wheels.

Description: Patent for a vehicle-wheel tire with illustrations included. It is expected to provide "simple, inexpensive, and efficient construction adapted to increase the strength and durability of vehicle-wheels" (lines 12-14) and allow for easy replacements.
Date: September 16, 1902
Creator: Carter, Mansion C.

Washing - Machine

Description: The invention has reference to that type of machines in which a revoluble drum is employed for containing and agitating the clothes which, drum is mounted to turn and be partially submerged in a boiler, which is in turn supported by and mounted in a heater, whereby the clothes are simultaneously subjected to a scouring and boiling action (Israel, 1902).
Date: August 21, 1901
Creator: Israel, Alexander C.

Attachment for Planters

Description: Patent for attachment for planters, provides a simple, inexpensive, easily-applied, and effectively operating attachmentc for cotton, corn, or other seed-planting machines in which is included a truck or a carriage whereby a sweep-plow can be connected with the planter truck or carriage for laying out a furrow and covering the seed (Johnson, 1902).
Date: June 14, 1909
Creator: Johnson, Major


Description: Patent for an invention that relates to certain improvements in carriage-covers; and it consists in the peculiar construction of the frame and cover and the manner of operating the same; and the object of the invention is to produce a cover for the protection of carriages while standing idle (Winants, 1902).
Date: September 28, 1899
Creator: Winants, Frank C.