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Description: Patent for a support that provides "simple and effective means whereby a shaft may be readily inserted in or removed from the top portion of the tug or support instead of by threading the shaft through the latter." (lines 9-13)
Date: March 17, 1903
Creator: Wiggs, Zeph & Henderson, James E.


Description: Patent for a washing machine with altered construction for quick removal and insertion of clothing, while still working safely and quickly with a variety of fabrics. It uses a rotary table and a pounder.
Date: August 19, 1902
Creator: Lawrence, James M.

Distributer or Conveyer Belt.

Description: Patent for belt related "to distributer or conveyer belts and more particularly to that type of belt used in gin-distributers. The object of the invention is to provide a belt of this character which is strong and simple of construction, extremely durable in use, and in which the spikes or fingers will be securely fastened to maintain their proper relation and to prevent their being pulled out" (lines 12-21)
Date: October 28, 1902
Creator: Tinsley, James F.

Interlocking-Bar Grating for Jails.

Description: Patent for gratings used in jails. "In these structures as ordinarily made upright and horizontal bars are provided which are located at right angles to each other, these bars being necessarily secured together at their points of intersection to prevent their being spread apart" (lines 11-16).
Date: November 25, 1902
Creator: Youngblood, David Franklin


Description: Patent for a mechanism used to mount the beam and to connect to the axle in a listing-machine, a class of braking-plows. The mechanism will provide lever support and a means for securing the segmental rack while still being simple, efficient, durable, and inexpensive.
Date: October 21, 1902
Creator: Matthews, Lafayette


Description: Patent for an oil burner for providing heat, light, and for cooking or baking. It super heats steam in two steam chambers to generate more heat.
Date: February 3, 1903
Creator: Demory, Alexander F. & Barron, William G.


Description: Patent for cotton press for bailing cotton employed in forming cylindrical bales from bat or sheet of cotton received from the condenser. (lines 10-13)
Date: January 27, 1903
Creator: Carter, Edward D.


Description: Patent for Laundry Bag, This patent is about a unique form of laundry bag which can be used as a typical laundry bag while handing it to Laundry and can be then treated as a wrapper while returning it to customer.
Date: March 17, 1903
Creator: Bourne, Edward, Jr

Cultivator Attachment.

Description: Patent for cultivator attachment that is useful in breaking up the soil at opposite side of the plants and leveling the ground between the rows. It can be adjusted to any desired angle (vertical, horizontal) or level (up and down).
Date: January 6, 1903
Creator: Brewer, John Meed.

Double-Action Pump

Description: Patent for "double-action submerged force-pumps which can be operated by any suitable power, but particularly adapted for operation by windmills provided with variable gearing...simple in construction and strong and durable and in which there are no parts which can be disarranged during operation and from which all valves may be removed without disturbing the pipe and which will maintain a continuous flow of water during operation."
Date: October 21, 1902
Creator: Byars, Edgar


Description: Patent for "blackboard-erasers in which the erasing material is detachable from the wood block or handle and permits...being used continuously."
Date: November 18, 1902
Creator: Williams, Lavinia B.

Cotton Compress

Description: Patent for "an improved cotton-compress adapted to be used in connection with a cotton-baling press for increasing the density and reducing the size of the bales formed in the press."
Date: August 26, 1902
Creator: Denton, John L.


Description: Patent for Car brake. Improvements in street car brake system which is based on the concept of physical force applied on the fender or apron which in turn forces the shoe on the rim.
Date: July 15, 1902
Creator: Brown, Frank O. & Moore, Edward T.

Canning Apparatus.

Description: Patent for Canning Apparatus used to preserve fruits and vegetables in sealed cans. Apparatus also consist of a boiling platform to boil the contents of the can before sealing it.
Date: July 15, 1902
Creator: Garner, John Thomas


Description: Patent for non-refillable bottles which can be filled and emptied easily with inexpensive construction. Instead of a stopper, a bottleneck pattern can be used which is efficient and safer.
Date: August 5, 1902
Creator: Holland, Willie Washington


Description: Patent for a cultivator for cotton farming meant to be strong and durable as well as light and inexpensive to construct; to make it convenient to adjust the shovel beams for different distances between rows; and to support the shovel-beams in an elevated position so that they do not contact the ground and to allow them to be lowered as needed.
Date: August 12, 1902
Creator: Comstock, Andrew J.