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Automatic Plow-Foot.

Description: Patent for an improved plow foot that allows for the easy installation or removal of the plow foot, secured connection of the plow foot, and improved regulation of the angle of the plow foot.
Date: July 29, 1913
Creator: Dugger, Thomas M.


Description: Patent for an agricultural appliance that incorporates spring teeth allowing for the easy removal of small vegetable growths by cutting close to and below the surface of the soil.
Date: August 20, 1913
Creator: Owens, James Powell


Description: Patent for improved construction and function of wrenches. Improvements include a more simple, durable, and inexpensive method of construction and arrangement of the adjustable jaw as to allow a single hand to hold and adjust the wrench simultaneously.
Date: July 29, 1913
Creator: Ashliman, Adolph E.


Description: Patent for improvements in vending machines including the simple and efficient delivery of vending articles and improvement in separation of articles served.
Date: August 5, 1913
Creator: Harris, Irvin F.


Description: Patent for a device to securely fasten a hat to the head of a person. The device is hidden from sight when worn, may easily be removed, and engages both the use of the hair and the shape of the head in it's operation.
Date: September 16, 1913
Creator: Miller, Emma T.

Mineral-Prospecting Apparatus.

Description: Patent for an "apparatus for drilling and obtaining samples or specimens of minerals" (lines 12-13), and obtaining accurate samples of ores in situations where they would otherwise be washed away by water or broken apart. The patent includes illustrations.
Date: August 26, 1913
Creator: Andrews, Benjamin

Hub Ball-Bearing.

Description: Patent for a bearing to be employed in a wheel and axle system. The patented bearing is meant to reduce the usual amount of friction in the system to a minimum.
Date: August 26, 1913
Creator: Price, John W.

Cotton Spray

Description: Patent for Cotton Spray. "The present invention relates to spraying devices for destroying insect life which infests plants. The device is primarily intended for spraying cotton plants, and is so constructed and arranged as to travel over the plants, and to spray the said plants from opposite sides" (lines 8-15).
Date: September 27, 1912
Creator: Walker, Walter

Adjustable Trace Clip

Description: Patent for Adjustable Trace Clip. "The invention relates to an adjustable trace clip, and has for its primary object to provide a clip of this character in which the connecting strap between the back and belly bands may be adjusted with relation to the trace so as to permit the back band to properly fit the animal and also allow the longitudinal adjustment of the trace" (lines 9-16).
Date: May 24, 1912
Creator: Bradfute, Benjamine F.

Cultivator Attachment.

Description: Patent for a cultivator attachment - an extra component added to an earth tilling machine to adjust the harrow teeth and the path of earth disposed. Illustration included.
Date: February 8, 1913
Creator: Moody, Joseph E.


Description: Patent for "railway brakes, which are constructed to grip the wheels, and which, in the event of an emergency, may be set to lift the wheels off the track in order to obtain a quick stoppage of the train" (lines 9-14) including illustrations and explanations of the brakes' components.
Date: June 26, 1913
Creator: Drake, Charles W.


Description: Patent for an automobile jack design adapted for use in garages and by those who need to do work underneath an automobile. Illustration included.
Date: August 29, 1912
Creator: Bouldin, W. Claughton

Process for Refining and Purifying Oils.

Description: Patent for "processes for purifying oils, especially petroleum, and has for its object the removal of impurities and the neutralization of acids, and the reduction of the cost of refining oil by simplifying the process and reducing the length of time usually required for completing the purification" (lines 9-16).
Date: September 15, 1910
Creator: Lasher, David F.

Harrow Attachment.

Description: Patent for a harrow attachment "that is efficient and durable, cheap to manufacture, and can be readily placed on or removed from cultivators" (lines 19-22).
Date: August 17, 1911
Creator: Smith, Alexander

Electric-Lamp Attachment.

Description: Patent for an electric-lamp attachment, "the primary object of this invention being the provision of a lamp socket attachment of supporting means in combination with a switch, whereby the current energizing the filament of an incandescent lamp is so controlled as to produce different degrees of incandescence in the filament and thus produce different degrees of radiance to produce a dim or a highlight as may be desired" (lines 9-18). Illustrations included.
Date: April 23, 1912
Creator: McNeel, William Pinkney


Description: Patent for a separator-guard for spinning frames. It prevents "the yarn from being entangled in or caught by the devices for attaching the separators to their support" (lines 15-17). Illustrations included.
Date: July 5, 1912
Creator: Pitts, Arthur