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Oil Can.

Description: Patent for a new and improved oil can. This design is of an oil-can "in which the nozzle remains closed, except when the bottom of the can is pressed, thereby preventing useless waste of oil. To prevent the oil-outlet from being stopped up; to enable the operator to see how much oil is given to each hole, and to facilitate the removal of dirt and grease from the oil-holes before oiling" (lines 8-15).
Date: October 23, 1883
Creator: Campbell, James A.

Improvement in Plows

Description: Patent for improvements in the constuction of plows in order to obtain the "best" (line 50) results of "cleanness in furrow, lightness of draft, and facility afforded in constructin the plow" (line 51-52).
Date: October 23, 1879
Creator: Woodward, Lewis E.


Description: Patent for leg-protectors or overalls for cotton-pickers to wear to protect them from the ground. Waterproof material covers the legs of the wearer with leather reinforcement outside the knees. There is spacing around the waste for a belt, and regular fabric forms the rest of the overalls.
Date: June 23, 1896
Creator: Herbelin, Alfred

Washing Machine.

Description: Patent for a new and improved washing-machine. This design is "to provide a machine having an oscillating and revolving rubber, means for securing the rubber to the operating-shaft, and to provide bearings for said shaft which may be adjusted to compensate for any wear of parts. A further object is to provide adjustable legs, whereby one side of the machine may be raised or lowered, thus decreasing or increasing the pressure of the rubber upon the articles being washed" (lines 17-27).
Date: September 23, 1890
Creator: Leubner, Charles W.

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "a draw-head provided with a recess having an enlargement at its central portion, a series of vertical jaws on each side of said enlarged portion of the recess pivotally mounted at their lower end in the draw-head, springs connecting each jaw with its corresponding jaw in the opposite series, and means for opening the jaws" (lines 13-20).
Date: September 23, 1890
Creator: Hooks, Bentley Robert


Description: Patent for a cotton press with "a roller bed consisting of a plurality of rollers in conjunction with an overlying pressure roll or cylinder, between which and the roller-bed the bale is formed by winding up the bat, as it comes from the gin-condenser, in the form of a roll" (lines 15-20). The roll-bale is unique in this patent because of its core.
Date: March 23, 1897
Creator: Banister, Charles

Water Feeding Device

Description: Patent for "improvements in Water-Feeding Devices" (lines 5-6) to "adjust the rate of discharge of liquid...[and] whose adjusting means shall be capable of accurate regulation to vary the amount of liquid discharged in a given time" (lines 21-24) including illustrations.
Date: June 23, 1914
Creator: Walkup, John A. & Walkup, Charles W.