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Description: Patent for improvements to seed planters including "having a revolving seed distributing drum provided with radial slots in which radially moving plungers are arranged, and so operated that at predetermined points seeds are received in the pockets and subsequently ejected therefrom" (lines 12-17) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 29, 1913
Creator: Gibson, Rupert R.


Description: Patent for a new sliding jaw type wrench which enables objects to be clamped in the jaws of the wrench securely while leverage is used to rotate the head of a nut.
Date: July 29, 1913
Creator: McGill, Wisdom

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design is "to provide a novel car-coupling pin and means for operating the same to automatically couple cars through the medium of ordinary links without the use of triggers located within the draw-head . . . The invention consists, essentially, in a vertically-movable coupling-pin adapted to rotate axially in the pin-hole of the draw-head, and having a wing or lug for supporting it in its elevated position, combined with a yielding draw-head having a vertical slot to receive the wing or lug and a shoulder to support the same" (lines 8-22).
Date: July 19, 1887
Creator: Power, Kelsey L.

Car Coupling.

Description: Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad-cars. This design consists in "an ordinary draw-head provided with the usual pin-and-link coupling [that] can be readily and cheaply adapted for use as an automatic coupling. The invention consists in the combination, with a slotted draw-head and a coupling-pin swinging therein and provided with pivotal supports or trunnions, of a vertically-projecting and axially-rotatable guide loop or staple arranged on each side of the pin-slot and adapted to hold the pin from being jolted out of the draw-head, and to permit its withdrawal" (lines 9-20).
Date: July 13, 1886
Creator: Garrett, Jackson B.

Can Opener.

Description: Patent for a new and improved can opener. This design consists "[i]n a can-opener, the combination, with a radius-bar having a handle at one end and a vertical fulcrum or pivot-pin, of an adjustable sleeve mounted on the bar and carrying two cutters, one being adapted to act as a guide and the other as a cutter" (lines 27-32).
Date: July 28, 1885
Creator: Misener, Richard Oliver

Bale Band Replacer and Tightener.

Description: Patent for a new and improved bale-band replacer and tightener. This design "provide[s] a simple and convenient device for replacing a broken bale-bind, for tightening the band around the bale, and for drawing the ends together, so as to provide the necessary slack for slipping the loop out of the tie when it is desired to remove a band" (lines 13-19).
Date: July 4, 1882
Creator: Lenard, William R.

Rotary Plow

Description: Patent for a rotary plow. "It pertains to improvements in rotary plows" (p. 4). There is a detailed illustration of the rotary plow. Each component is labeled and it is described thoroughly in the text.
Date: July 1, 1884
Creator: Willis, W. Beale, of Waco, Texas.

Oil Press Mat.

Description: Patent for a new and improved oil press mat. This design "has for its objects to provide an improved oil-press mat which can be pressed and shaped into a compact body of the required configuration, and such shape be retained when subjected to pressure to compress heated envelops containing the meal from which the oil is to be extracted, and to provide a mat the face of which is elastic and tough, and liable to become heated, like like metal face-plates, while the main body of the mat is prevented from being softened and peeling or becoming detached from the facing" (lines 8-19).
Date: July 8, 1884
Creator: Osborn, Adelbert E.

Cotton Planter and Cultivator.

Description: Patent for improvements in cotton planters and cultivators by “attaching one or more levers to the axle which are pivoted to a frame below the axle, in which the levers are also connected with the caster-wheel in front, whereby the frame may be raised so as to elevate the cultivators above the earth.” (Lines 14-19) Illustration is included.
Date: July 27, 1880
Creator: Walsh, James D.

Cotton-Cleaning and Bat-Forming Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a cotton-cleaning and bat-forming apparatus that prepares cotton for compression into bales. The apparatus is meant to increase the value of the cotton it processes, and do so in an efficient and inexpensive manner. The amount of compression doubles the number of pounds of cotton one can fit into a bale. The chute does not let air out of the apparatus while cotton is being cleaned, and the air-pressure in the cleaner-condenser does not restrict the cotton's movement into the cleaner.
Date: July 7, 1896
Creator: Patterson, Warren A.

Fiber Unwinder and Mixer.

Description: Patent for a fiber unwinder and mixer meant to pick apart, unroll, and mix lint-cotton or other similar material. It then presses the lint-cotton into cylindrical bales "in order to restore the cotton or similar material in such bales to the loose condition requisite for the usual process of manufacture in mills, and to mix different grades of cotton or like fibrous material, when desired" (lines 17-22).
Date: July 30, 1895
Creator: Patterson, Warren A.


Description: Patent for a simply-constructed nut-sheller especially designed for pecans, although because it is adjustable, other nuts can be shelled. It has "a reciprocating plunger which is adapted to cut the shell from the nut, and which has also means for cleaning out the nut-holder and shelling-knives, so that the machine is sure to work well every time" (lines 15-19).
Date: July 2, 1895
Creator: Prade, Julien

Machine for Tufting Mattresses.

Description: Patent for a machine for tufting mattresses "whereby the tufts or washers are periodically fed to and affixed upon the feed-wheels between which the mattresses is intermittently advanced and compressed, said tufts being placed upon the mattress by the periodical fractional revolution of the feed-wheels and secured by stitching the entire transverse series of tufts by the automatic action of a series of needles, and a lower corresponding series of knotter-heads and devices co-operating therewith" (lines 11-21).
Date: July 9, 1895
Creator: Stephenson, Edwin N.

Cotton Seed Planter.

Description: Patent for a new and improved planter. This design "consists in, first, a hopper having its rear side or board extended downward so as to form the standard or furrow-opener; second, the combination of two endwise adjustable castings provided with shoulders or offsets, and which are made adjustable in relation to each other, and by means of which the quantity dropped is regulated . . . [An object] of [the] invention [is] to extend the rear side of the seed-box downward, so as to form a furrow-opener or standard, to attach the combined seed-box and standard to the two iron beams" (lines 13-28).
Date: July 29, 1890
Creator: Kennedy, David

Rock Drill.

Description: Patent for a new and improved rock-drill. This design "is to construct a simple and efficient rock-drill in which the forward feeding and rotating of the drill are accomplished automatically" (lines 15-18). It consists in "the drill-rod, a tappet-plate placed loosely on the drill-rod, clutch mechanism connected with the tappet-plate for engaging the drill-rod, a spring for impelling the drill-rod, a cam provided with conical ends for lifting the tappet-plate, and the guide" (lines 20-26).
Date: July 26, 1892
Creator: Belt, Perley P.

Improvement in Door-Checks.

Description: Patent for "a device for holding the doors in open position, which is readily applied to the door and worked without noise or jamming; and the invention consists of a holder or knob, with recessed front end, attached to the base-board, and of a counter-sunk door plate or case provided with a rubber block, that binds on the recessed part of the holder to retain the door in open position." (Lines 10-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: July 17, 1877
Creator: Francis, John


Description: Patent for improvements in atomizers or instruments for distributing powders or liquids in which it provided “provision for closing the exit-passage and preserve the strength of the medicated powders or fluid and permit of the carrying of the same within the body of the device without danger of spilling.” (Lines 17-21) The rubber bulb is detachable and is used as a powder-box or as a bottle for fluid. Illustration is included.
Date: July 21, 1891
Creator: Robinson, Henry

Steam Generator

Description: Patent for an invention that "relates to a novel generator designed with special reference to the requirements of motor-vehicles, but capable of use in any connection where a completely automatic generator of light compact form is desirable" (lines 14-21). Illustrations are included.
Date: July 15, 1902
Creator: Walker, James C.