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Rotary Engine.

Description: Patent for an improved, simple, and effective rotary engine that economically uses steam and automatically controls steam discharge. "Two distinct rotary motions in reverse directions are obtained at the same time" (lines 16-18) in this engine.
Date: April 11, 1893
Creator: Walker, James C.

Fruit-Gatherer and Pruning Implement.

Description: Patent for a combination orchard tool that gathers fruit, holds it in a bag, and can sever fruit stems in order to pick them. After severing, the fruit falls into the bag. The operator pulls a string that falls along the long handle, and the knife springs up from the bag so that it can sever the stems.
Date: May 30, 1893
Creator: Chambers, Silas


Description: Patent for an improved, inexpensive, and simple cotton press that is "adapted to compress cotton at the initial point of ginning and in a continuous operation with that of ginning, whereby [the inventor] avoid[s] the expense and labor occasioned by the handling of the cotton during its storage and transportation to the neighboring compress and the expense of said compression, and at the same time produce such compression or condensation of the cotton that I am enabled to secure the cheap rates of transportation accorded cotton which has been compressed to the standard degree of density" (lines 11-22).
Date: November 21, 1893
Creator: Bessonette, William T.

Feed-Regulator for Cotton-Gins.

Description: Patent for a simple feed-regulator attachment for cotton gins with circular saws separating the cotton from the seeds. It regulates the rate that cotton is fed into the roll box and automatically stops and starts depending on the size of the roll.
Date: November 28, 1893
Creator: Hollingsworth, Joseph & Banister, Charles


Description: Patent for a simple and effective apparatus that utilizes wave power. It consists of a frame with a casing on the top that extends from the normal trough to crest lines of waves, a float, a pump with the center below the float, a discharge pipe connected to the pump, anchors and braces for the pump, a joint that connects the pump with a pile, guide rolls, and inlets and outlets on opposite sides of the pump.
Date: December 12, 1893
Creator: Walker, James C.

Combined Copy-Holder and Tablet.

Description: Patent for a combined copy-holder and tablet meant for record keeping. The invention's purposes are to "produce a convenient device designed to be employed ether upon the lap of the operator or upon a counter or other convenient support, and to maintain in position for writing a web of paper, thus requiring no holding of the same by the operator; to provide means for conveniently paying out said web of paper as the same is used or consumed; to provide for conveniently tearing the paper from the web into lengths convenient to the operator; to provide for a simple retention and support in a removable manner of the roll upon which the web is mounted; and finally for a support of the device in an inclined position convenient for transcribing notes therefrom" (lines 13-28).
Date: December 19, 1893
Creator: Stuart, Benjamin F.

Combined Stalk-Cutter and Cultivator.

Description: Patent for "a combined stalk cutter and cultivating machine comprising a rotary stalk cutter and a gang of plows and it consists in the features of construction and novel combination of devices in a machine adapted for the various kinds of agricultural work" (lines 9-15).
Date: December 26, 1893
Creator: Snodgrass, George Melvin


Description: Patent for a wind-wheel that "needs no guiding vane or tail, but shall turn in the same direction at all times regardless of the direction of the wind" (lines 8-11). It is a horizontal wind wheel that rotates on a vertical axis. The blades automatically opens on one side and close on the opposite side.
Date: September 26, 1893
Creator: Walker, James C.

Automatic Recording Apparatus for Vehicles.

Description: Patent for an improved automatic passenger register and mileage recorder for vehicles that travel on rails. It consists of a roller that is actives by a time motor, a strip that the roller moves, a pressure roller, a pair of rollers that a record sheet is wound between, a mechanism that controls movements of the pair of rollers, electromagnets that are connected to the seats, armature levers that mark the electromagnets current, a bell crank lever that marks the moving record sheet, and a spring that supports the lever.
Date: October 10, 1893
Creator: Baade, John