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Street-Sprinkling Appratus.

Description: Patent for an inexpensive street-sprinkling apparatus. It can be steam, electric, cable, or horse powered, and can sprinkle a wide or narrow street. "The invention consists in a vehicle preferably running upon a railway-track and provided with a water-tank and with independent sprinklers or final-distributors or sets of distributors, the one located at an end or the ends of the vehicle and discharging by gravity, and the other at the sides thereof, toward an end or the ends, and discharging under pressure or by force" (lines 24-33). Water is pressurized in the tank, and uses the force of gravity to distribute it.
Date: November 5, 1895
Creator: Campbell, Louis W.

Combined Tabled, Copy, and Bill Holder.

Description: Patent for a combined tablet, copy, and bill holder meant to hold "file-pins in their operative and inoperative positions, to provide simple and improved means whereby a tablet or bills may be covered when not in use or when carrying the device, to protect the same from dirt, &c. and, furthermore, to provide improved means for supporting the holder in position for transcribing" (lines 12-18).
Date: November 26, 1895
Creator: Stuart, Benjamin Franklin & Willson, Frederick WIlliam


Description: Patent for a simple and efficient fire-grate that is meant "to be set in a wall between two rooms and capable of being reversed to enable either room to be directly heated by a fire" (lines 11-13).
Date: December 17, 1895
Creator: Birkhead, James C.

Apparatus for Removing Cores from Cylindrical Cotton-Bales.

Description: Patent for a "means for removing screw-threaded cores from cylindrical cotton-bales" (lines 12-14). It is made up of a wheeled-truck that is holding the bale, an apparatus that grips the end of the core, a way to revolve the grip, a driven shaft, and a universal joint that connects the shaft with the end of the core.
Date: December 31, 1895
Creator: White, Charles W.


Description: Patent for a checkrein-holder for harness-saddles that has a hook grooved on one side, a plate or wire inside the groove that attaches the hook to a smaller hook, a link that engages one end of the hook and as connected to a bell-crank lever, the bell crank lever that locks the link into the hook, and a screw bolt for the bell-crank lever.
Date: January 1, 1895
Creator: Winans, Myron L.


Description: Patent for a cotton-press that makes "tightly wound bales from the cotton bats formed upon the condenser, and fed into the press" (lines 13-15).
Date: January 22, 1895
Creator: Banister, Charles


Description: Patent for a cotton-press that does not allow the cotton to rebound after the plunger compresses it because of teeth in the box. When the operator wishes to remove the cotton, the teeth automatically disengage in order for the cotton to be removed easily.
Date: January 22, 1895
Creator: Banister, Charles & Hollingsworth, Joseph

Clip for Type-Writers.

Description: Patent for a clip for type-writers for Remington or similar type-writers that holds post-cards, envelopes, and similar short items in place. The invention prevents "the blurring or bad impression which is apt to be made, more particularly in machines having type bars with two types each, when the paper is not held firmly to the roller or platen" (lines 12-16).
Date: February 19, 1895
Creator: Gibson, Allen J.

Fiber Unwinder and Mixer.

Description: Patent for a fiber unwinder and mixer meant to pick apart, unroll, and mix lint-cotton or other similar material. It then presses the lint-cotton into cylindrical bales "in order to restore the cotton or similar material in such bales to the loose condition requisite for the usual process of manufacture in mills, and to mix different grades of cotton or like fibrous material, when desired" (lines 17-22).
Date: July 30, 1895
Creator: Patterson, Warren A.


Description: Patent for a sash-balance made up of a window-frame with a weight-box and window-sashes on either side of the frame. It is operated by one chord, pulleys, a single weight-box, and a locking device.
Date: August 6, 1895
Creator: Cayce, Henry P.

Machine for Stuffing Mattresses.

Description: Patent for an improved and simple automatic machine for stuffing mattresses that is similar to previous patents granted to the inventor (Nos. 376,399 and 399,093). The mattresses can be of different widths.
Date: August 13, 1895
Creator: Stephenson, Edwin N.

Cooling and Preserving Apparatus.

Description: Patent for a "cooling apparatus in which a cloth envelops a vertically-disposed series of supports, and has its upper end dipping into a receptacle supplied with water; and the object of the improvement is to secure a uniformity of temperature throughout the structure, and particularly in the several compartments formed between the various supports, as well as to prevent the spoiling of food by foreign matters entering the same by accidental dislodgment from a support immediately thereover." (Lines 8-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: April 30, 1895
Creator: Brown, Elijah Clark


Description: Patent for "tablet-holders for stenographers, clerks, copyists, &c.; and has for its object to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient device for supporting a tablet while taking notes or while copying therefrom; and to provide improved means for securing the tablet to the supporting plate or board of the holder." (Lines 8-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: May 7, 1895
Creator: Stuart, Benjamin F.

Rotary Gang-Plow.

Description: Patent for a rotary gang-plow that has laterally movable castings, stirrups, beams working in the stirrups, axles connected to the disks, and adjustable sleeves.
Date: May 14, 1895
Creator: Willis, WIlliam Beale

Roller Cotton-Compress.

Description: Patent for a roller cotton-compress that improves the "apparatus for accomplishing the work of rolling up the bale, of removing same from the position between the rolls, and removing the core" (lines 20-23).
Date: June 18, 1895
Creator: Bessonette, Charles L.


Description: Patent for a simply-constructed nut-sheller especially designed for pecans, although because it is adjustable, other nuts can be shelled. It has "a reciprocating plunger which is adapted to cut the shell from the nut, and which has also means for cleaning out the nut-holder and shelling-knives, so that the machine is sure to work well every time" (lines 15-19).
Date: July 2, 1895
Creator: Prade, Julien

Machine for Tufting Mattresses.

Description: Patent for a machine for tufting mattresses "whereby the tufts or washers are periodically fed to and affixed upon the feed-wheels between which the mattresses is intermittently advanced and compressed, said tufts being placed upon the mattress by the periodical fractional revolution of the feed-wheels and secured by stitching the entire transverse series of tufts by the automatic action of a series of needles, and a lower corresponding series of knotter-heads and devices co-operating therewith" (lines 11-21).
Date: July 9, 1895
Creator: Stephenson, Edwin N.