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[Autograph Book of Maggie Hampton]

Description: Signature and address book used by Maggie Mayfield Hampton during her time teaching at the Fred Douglas school in Prairie View, Texas. Various friends at the school wrote notes to Maggie in the book. The journal has a purple fabric cover with a flower pattern; decorative embellishments are on the front, including flowers and the letters "Auto."
Date: 1906-09/1907-05~

[Congregation at Mount Pilgrim C.M.E. Church]

Description: Copy print of the congregation at Mount Pilgrim Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Denton, Texas. Members of the church are seated on benches on either side of the photograph. Another group is posing in an alcove at the back of the church. A handwritten note on the back says, "Mt. Pilgrim C.M.E. Church, 339 Roberston St. 1939."
Date: unknown

[Fred Douglas High School Football Team]

Description: Photocopy of the team portrait of the Fred Douglas High School football team during the 1940s. Identified from left to right: First Row -- William Goodnes, Lawrence Peace, L. H. Simpkins, unknown, Eddie Franklin, George Davis, Ernest Sims, Jr., Charlie Beatty. Second Row -- J. D. Stimson (left), James Whitlow (second from right). Third Row -- Bennie Gober, Billy Simpson, unknown, Luther Varner, Ponder, unknown, W. L. Kimble, E. D. Price, unknown.
Date: [1940..1949]

[Fred Moore School Classroom]

Description: Photograph of a classroom at Fred Moore School in Denton, Texas. There are several students sitting at desks and two groups of students standing at the back for the room with three adults near several shelves that have stacks of cans and eggs. The adults are identified as Miss Eva Courtney (a volunteer) at the far right, Jewel Logan (another volunteer) at the far left, and the teacher, Lucille Nix. Several of the students are also identified: Drucilla Kimble (back right, wearing a plaid jacket), Archie Hicks (standing behind Drucilla), Joyce Young (seated at the far right), Shiela Bell (seated at a desk in the middle front), and Gwen (standing in front of Miss Nix on the left). The words "Precious Memories" are affixed to the photo near the top of the image.
Date: [1961..1962]

[Funeral Program for Alfred Tennyson Miller, September 4, 1993]

Description: Funeral program for Mr. Alfred Tennyson Miller, born April 13, 1913 and died August 30, 1993. The funeral was held Saturday, September 4, 1993 at Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ, officiated by Evangelist G. C. Washington. Funeral arrangements were made through Singing Hills Funeral Home and he was buried in Laurel Land Memorial Park in Dallas, Texas. Includes a newspaper clipping containing an obituary.
Date: September 4, 1993

[Gravestone for Irma Kimble]

Description: Photograph of the gravestone for Irma J. Kimble. It has an open book with her name and birth and death dates (Nov. 22, 1937 and Nov. 25, 1937). Flowers and a cross are around the book. A fence and road are partially visible in the background. Handwritten text on the back of the photograph says "Eakins Cemetery, Ponder, Texas, 1st Triplets [...] Denton County."
Date: 2001~

[Group at Mount Pilgrim Christian Methodist Episcopal Church]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and women at "Annual Usher Day" at Mount Pilgrim C.M.E. Church in Denton, Texas. The group is standing behind a communion railing and a pulpit is on the far left. Two men in clerical garb are on the left including Pastor Johnny Alexander (second from left). The two persons to the right of Pastor Alexander are identified as Opal Goodner (usher of the year) and Thomas Brotherton. The last two on the far right are identified as Johnson (first name unknown) and Evelyn Curry (a TWU professor).
Date: unknown

[Group of People in Quakertown]

Description: Photograph of a group of people posing together in Quakertown in two rows, with one group seated in the front and the others standing behind. Other people are visible on a house porch in the background. A handwritten note on the back says "People of Quakertown."
Date: unknown

[Nursery School Class Photo]

Description: Copy print of a nursery school class in Denton, Texas, taken in front of the teacher's home on Prairie street. Identified from left to right: First Row -- Lockland (?), Archie Woodards, Betty Kimble, Betty Pratt, George Davis, Minnie, Louise Jones, Ruby. Second Row -- Luvinia, "Topsy" Ponder, Dorothy Sims, Curtis Smith, JoAnn Pratt, Griffin, Laura Alexander. Teacher Miss Stone.
Date: [1935, 1936]

Oral History Interview with Estelle Adams, July 5, 2014

Description: Interview with Estelle Adams discussing her life growing up in Wheelock, Texas as well as her grandparents who left Georgia and other extended family members. She also talks about her experiences teaching in various Texas towns, including a segregated school in Bryan, Texas and being transferred to a school in Dallas, Texas during integration.
Date: July 5, 2014
Creator: Smith, Tiffany & Adams, Estelle Mitchell

[Partial Scrapbook Page]

Description: Five photographs affixed to a partial scrapbook page. On the front, there is a photograph of a car parked outside a brick building on the top, and a group of people cooking out-of-doors on the bottom. The three photographs on the back include several women in formal wear on a decorated stage; a group of young children and adults standing in a lot with several buildings in the background; and a young child wearing a band uniform, posing on a lawn in front of a brick building.
Date: unknown

[Photograph From Fred Moore School Dedication]

Description: Photograph of school board members at the dedication of the Fred Moore school in Denton, Texas. Several of the people are seated and two men are standing at the front of the room. Brick walls are visible in the background. A handwritten note on the back says: "Supt. Chester G. Strickland & School Board Members at Fred Moore School Dedication/A Day To Remember! Prof F. D. Moore walks to the front to receive Plaque presented to him by our Supt."
Date: 1950~

[Photograph of Collage]

Description: Photograph of a collage of portraits organized on a cut-out shaped as a red apple, displayed on a table covered with a white tablecloth. A handwritten sign is partially visible next to the collage with the words "This Is Your."
Date: 1983-09~
Creator: McAdams, Arthur C.

[Photograph of Couple]

Description: Photograph of a young woman visible from the waist up, wearing a white sleeveless shirt. A man is partially-visible on her left, wearing a light-colored shirt and baseball cap. There appears to be a brown striped van in the background. A handwritten note on the back says "Abner Haynes."
Date: unknown