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An Accurate Map of the United States of America, according to the Treaty of Peace of 1763.
This map shows the United States east of the Mississippi River and surrounding areas. Bodies of water and geographic features are depicted (with relief shown pictorially) and labeled; general regions and states are also labeled although they are not delineated. The upper right corner of this map is missing, including portions of the New England area. Scale ca. [1:6,500,000].
[Group of Soldiers]
Photograph of a group of soldiers standing around a tank. A note on the back reads: "The day we were pulled out of St. Vith by the 82nd Airborne."
[Promissory note for Milton Parks, December 18 1891]
Promissory note for Milton Parks. The document is dated December 18, 1891. The document notes a payment of eighty dollars to be paid by Milton Parks two years from the document date.
[Soldiers Outside Building]
Photograph of a group of soldiers standing outside a building. They are identified as Cunningham, Ugent, Schmidf, Kinsinger, Ziegler, Gross, Dro, and Fox.
[Street Scene in St. Vith, Belgium]
Photograph of a street scene in St. Vith, Belgium. Army trucks drive down the road, which has buildings on either side.