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Biographical notes on Lorenzo de Zavala
A brief biography of Lorenzo de Zavala
City of Houston, Texas, 1884.
Map shows first, second, third, fourth, and fifth wards of Houston, Texas with street names, buildings, parks, churches, businesses, cemeteries, railroads, block numbers, lot numbers, and ownership. Inset: [The center of Houston on an enlarged scale]. Scales [1:12,000] and [1:3,000].
Harris County.
Map shows land patents, block and tract numbers, landowners, towns, and railroads; portions of adjacent counties where property boundaries extend beyond county limits. Scale not given.
History of the German element in Texas from 1820-1850, and historical sketches of the German Texas singers'; league and Houston turnverein from 1853-1913, by Moritz Tiling ...
This volume covers the German Element in Texas, 1820-1850; an historical sketch of the Texas German Singers' League (Texas Staats Saengerbund), 1853-1913; an historical sketch of the Houston Turnverein, 1854-1913; German Day celebrations in Houston, 1889-1910; and an appendices.
[Letter from Emily Hand to Adina de Zavala February 14th, 1881]
An affectionate letter regarding the welfare of the family
[Letter from Lenz to Yarborough] December 12th 1960
Continued correspondence regarding the creation of De Zavala Park
[Letter from Lenz to Yarborough] June 4th 1963
Correspondence regarding opposition from Albert Thomas against De Zavala Park
[Letter from Lenz to Yarborough] May 9th, 1960
An update on the effort to create De Zavala Park on the homesite
[Letter from Lenz to Yarborough] October 21st, 1962
Continued correspondence regarding De Zavala Park
The Lorenzo de Zavalas
Biography of the de Zavalas
Map of Houston, Harris Co., Texas, September 1910.
Map shows [proposed?] belt line loop encircling Houston as part of an interurban street-railroad with cross-town lines, service facilities, and numbered sections, with some portions under construction; named subdivisions, landowners for larger parcels, and railroad lines. Scale [1:21,600].
[Market House in Houston]
Photograph of the Market House in Houston, Texas.
Mexican Government Description
Details of the Battle of San Jacinto and a description of the Mexican government. The document is incomplete.
Status of freeway and expressway system : Houston-Galveston Region, January 1, 1991.
Map shows existing major roads and highways for the Houston and Galveston, Texas areas. Roads projected for construction are in color. Includes legend. Scale not given.
Zavala Family Genealogy
Zavala family history with breakdown of genealogical data.