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Primary view of Americæ Nova descriptio
Seile, Anne, d. 1678 & Vaughan, Robert
Primary view of Americae septentrionalis pars I.
unknown creator
Primary view of Dominia Anglorum in praecipuis insulis Americae : ut sunt insula S. Christophori, Antegoa, Iamaica, Barbados (ex insulis Antillicanis) nec non insulae Bermudes vel Sommers dictae : cum privil. sac. caes. majestatis = Die englische Colonie-Laender auf den Insuln von America.
Homann Erben (Firm)
Primary view of A map of the East-Indies and the adjacent countries, with the settlements, factories and territories, explaning [sic] what belongs to England, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Portugal & c with many remarks not extant in any other map.
Moll, Herman, d. 1732
Primary view of Nova Designatio Insulæ Jamaicae ex Antillanis Americae Septentrion: non postremae Secundum Gubernationes fuas accuratas aeri incisa et publici juris facta.
Seutter, Matthaeus, 1678-1756