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Americae sive novi orbis, nova descriptio.
Map settlements and missions in political divisions of New Spain and New France on the North American continent and for Brazil, Chili, and Peru; remaining land areas with coastal settlements only; areas of Native American habitation; New Guinea at the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. Political boundaries are indicated by coloration in different regions of each continent. Includes notes and number key; handwritten notations. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:45,000,000].
Americae sive novi orbis, nova descriptio.
Map shows known geography and place names in the late sixteenth century Western Hemisphere. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Cvliacanae, Americae regionis, descriptio :b Hispaniolae, Cvbae, aliarvmqve insvlarvm circvmiacientivm, delineatio.
Map in upper half shows late sixteenth century geography and cities in the state of Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico. Map in lower half shows late sixteenth century geography and cities in the West Indies. Relief shown pictorially. Scales not given.
Maris Pacifici (quod vulg ̣Mar del Zur) : cum regionibus circumiacentibus, insulisque in eodem passim sparsis, novissima descriptio.
Map shows known and assumed geography and place names of land masses and islands in the late sixteenth century Pacific Ocean. No scale noted.
Perusini agri [Umbria, Italy].
Map shows cities and villages pictorially in the region of Umbria, Italy during the late-sixteenth century. Relief shown pictorially and by hachures. Scale not given.
Pervviae avriferae regionis typus.
Map shows portion of Central America, northwestern South America, southern United States, and coast of Tamaulipas in Mexico. Relief shown pictorially. Scales differ.