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6th Ward School in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1893
Photograph of a large group of schoolchildren with their teacher in front of the 6th Ward School House in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1893. There are twenty-five boys, seventeen girls and one teacher. Some of the boys are seated or kneeling in the front row and the girls are taking up most of the middle row, standing. The boys are wearing knickers and jackets with boots and the girls are wearing dresses with jackets. There is a very large wooden door and arched doorway behind the group.
Aerial view of Sweetwater, Texas
Aerial view of buildings in Sweetwater, Texas.
[American Welding Company]
Photograph of the American Welding Company in 1918. Pictured is their leased large metal building and shed. A man with a wheelbarrow stands to the left of the shed. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
[American Welding Company]
Photograph of the American Welding Company plant site in 1918. A large metal shed houses approximately 10 vehicles in this photo. Homes are on the hillside in the distance. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
T Anchor Headquarters
Photograph of the first ranch house in the panhandle area of Texas, on the T. Anchor Ranch.
Anderson Home
Men in suits sitting at the front entrance of the Anderson Home in Ft. Worth, Texas. The home is not under construction but it appears that work is being done in the garden. This house later became the Gause-Ware Funeral Home.
[Armour and Company]
Photograph of a three story brick building, Armour and Company.
[Armour and Company]
Photograph of the Armour and Company building. The three-story brick warehouse has windows with arches at the top. A boxcar is pulled up behind the building. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
[Artesia Hotel in Marlin Texas]
Photograph of the Artesia Hotel in Marlin, Texas, H.A. Orsak, proprietor. There is a large building with people standing on an upper balcony and on the front porch.
B.B. Paddock and Others
Studio photograph of thirteen men, including B.B. Paddock seated in the center row, second from left. All of the men are wearing suits and vests. Five of the men are holding hats, including bowlers. Five are wearing watch chains, eight are wearing bow ties, four are wearing neckties, and two have glasses. Ten of the men have mustaches including one with a goatee. The men are on two rugs and there are two windows in the background.
[B.B. Paddock in Group Portrait]
Photograph of B.B. Paddock, standing left, in a group portrait. The men are in uniform and holding hats and straigh-blade swords. The style of backdrop, hat, sash, and the ornate swords suggest this is a fraternal photo, circa 1880, possibly Knights of Pythias.
[Ball Home, a Large Two Story House]
Photograph of a large two story house with an open front lawn, the Ball Home. There are a few trees and a side walk visible in the front yard.
[Ball House]
Photograph of the Ball Home. There are workers sitting on the front porch of the house and a man standing on the front steps. The house is two stories tall, with a balcony on the front side of the second floor and the attic floor, and has 2 story Roman style columns.
[Baptist Church]
Photograph of a Baptist Church with ionic columns and stained glass windows.
[Billiard Hall & Judge Roy Bean]
Photograph of Judge Roy Bean in front of the Jersey Lilly and Billiard Hall. The text, "Judge Roy Bean Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Law west of the Pecos", is posted on the building.
[Billy Fox and Billy the Kid]
Photograph of Billy Fox and Billy the Kid holding rifles.
[Bob Hope and Doris Day prepare for a show at the Cowtown Coliseum]
Bob Hope and Doris Day look over sheet music in preparation for a performance at the Cowtown Coliseum.
[Bob Hope and other performers writing their autographs on an airplane]
Bob Hope and other performers are writing their signatures on the body of a jet airplane.
[Bomar Garage]
Photograph of a garage under construction in the Rivercrest area of Fort Worth, Texas. It is a small wooden building with a large doorway and a stone chimney. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
[Boy on donkey]
Photograph of a young boy on donkey in front of a house.
Branding on the Half Circle 84 Ranch
Photograph of cowboys branding cattle on the Half Circle 84 Ranch in New Mexico during the 1890s.
[Brick Building]
Photograph of a brick building under construction. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
[Brick Building]
Photograph of a brick building under construction. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
Building on Fire, Galveston, Texas
Photograph of a large building on fire and crumbling after a large storm in Galveston, Texas. The back half of the building is gone and the roof in the center of the frame is falling. There are piles of debris surrounding the building. Two men with fire hoses are spraying the building. In the foreground are train or trolley tracks and a truck bed.
Buildings at Bar CC Ranch in 1866
Photograph of the old Bar CC Ranch in 1886. The men on horseback are (L-R) Ed Brainerd and Mac Gates. One of the men on the porch is Dave Lard.
[Burney Anderson Home]
Photograph of the Burney Anderson Home. It is three stories tall, with a porch that faces the street, wrapping around the front and left side of the house. Fledgling trees line the sidewalk.
Campbell Building, State Juvenile Training School
Photograph of the Campbell Building at the State Juvenile Training School in Gatesville, Texas. The building is brick and two-stories tall with two porches on the side and front of the building. Surrounding the building is a grass lawn.
Cartoon of Costumed Apes in an Office
Illustration of apes dressed in 19th-century clothing inside an office or courtroom. There are eleven apes total, ten males and one female.
[Cattle Barn at the North Stockyards]
Photograph of the interior of the cattle barn at the stockyards in Fort Worth. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
Central High School Football Players, 1908
Photograph taken in 1908 of the Central High School football team in Ft. Worth, Texas. 14 players and their coach.
Chuck Time on the W Ranch
Photograph of cowboys seated near the chuck wagon on the W Ranch in Winkler County. The boy in the straw hat is Lewis Robinson, who becam sheriff of Reeves County in 1933. W.A. Priest is the man reaching for utensils in the chuck cabinet.
City Hall in Ft. Worth, Texas
Photograph of City Hall in Ft. Worth, Texas. The building is at least three stories tall with arched windows and a clock tower. In the foreground are men in hats walking on the sidewalk, benches, shrubs, trees and street lamps.
City Hall in Ft. Worth, Texas
Photograph of City Hall in Ft. Worth. the building has many stories, a clock tower and tall steps towards the entrance. It is surrounded by trees, benches, railings and a sidewalk. Horses with buggies line the road beside the building. In the lower right-hand corner are planted flowers. The photograph is attached to a paper sun.
[Classically-Styled Limestone Building]
Photograph of the construction of a classically-styled limestone building. Steel beams were furnished by Southwestern Mechanical Company. A cart of bricks sits in front of the building. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
[Clay Street in Nocona Texas]
Photograph of North Clay Street in Nocona, Texas. There is a hardware and furniture store on the left as well as a grocery store. The road in front of the shopping center is not paved.
Coal Car in Strawn, Texas
Steam engine and coal cars in Strawn, Texas. Engineers stand in front of the trains.
Cobb-Burney House
Photograph of the Cobb-Burney house in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a brick two-story house with a curved driveway. This house is located at 1598 Sunset Terrace. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
Collage of 65 individual portraits of fire fighters
Collage of 65 individual cameos of unidentified firefighters.
Collision of Two Texas and Pacific "Cannon Balls" in Jefferson, Texas
Photograph of train crewmen and curious spectators posed beside crushed locomotives near Jefferson, Texas in 1903. Trains met head-on after a mix-up in orders. Engine crewmen jumped before the trains hit.
Confederate Soldiers Reunion
Photograph of nine men and three women at a Confederate Reunion. Six of the men are in Confederate uniform while the other three wear suits, one with a vest and one with a tie. Five of the men have ribbons attached to their coats. Five men have mustaches and four have beards. The man third from the right is holding a walking cane and the man five from the right, in the center, is B.B. Paddock. Behind the men stand three women in white dresses with large ribbons attached to their shoulders. The woman on the right is wearing glasses, gloves and holding a large Texas flag. Every person in the photo wears a hat. In the background is a brick building with curtained windows.
Construction of the Couch Home in Fort Worth, Texas
Photograph of the Couch home being constructed. The home is brick and two stories with a large wrap-around porch, two pillars, a stoop and two chimneys. There are twelve workers, eight seated on the porch and four seated on the stairs. They are wearing coveralls or suspenders and six are wearing hats. In the foreground are groups of weeds and wooden boards.
Cornerstone Laying for packing houses in Ft. Worth TX, March 12, 1902
Large group of men stand together during a corner stone laying for packing houses in Ft. Worth, Texas on March 12, 1902. People identified with numbers written above their heads. 1. Dr. J.L. Cooper 2. Paul Waples 3. Unidentified 4. Tom Murray, alderman 5. B.L Waggoman, alderman 6. William Rea, chief of police 7. Hugh L. Calhoun, supt. of city waterworks 8. W.G. Newby 9. Van Zandt Jarvis 10. J.J. Jarvis
[Corthouse in Ozona]
Photograph of the courthouse in Ozona, Texas. There is a dirt road and a fence in front of the courthouse.
[Couple in horse buggy]
Photograph of a couple inside of a buggy.
[Courthouse and Cottle County Officials]
Photograph of 11 Cottle County Officials standing in front of the courthosue in 1900. All of the men are wearing hats. Back of photograph: "Some of the men shown in the picture, with the old courthouse at Paducah in the background, were instrumental in the organization and early development of Cottle County. The old courthouse, built in 1884...Seen in the picture, which was made in 1900, are left to right), H.P. Cook, tax assessor; J.C. Evans, commissioner; M.F. Knowles, county judge; J.H. Doolen, justice of the peace; J.M. Barron, sheriff; Dan Jenkins, county treasurer; Roddy Neff, county clerk; John W. Carroll, surveyor; J.J. Thomas, Joe Robertson and G.W. Woodley, commissioners."
Cowboys Getting Ready for a Roundup
Cowboys on the W Ranch getting ready for a roundup in 1908. W.S. Priest is the third man from the right.
Cowboys Having Dinner at the Bar S Ranch
Photograph of fourteen cowboys having dinner on the Bar S Ranch. Most of them sit on the ground to eat. The chuck wagon stands behind them.
Cowboys Having Dinner in Coke County, Texas
Photograph of cowboys having dinner on a ranch in Coke County. The lid for a skillet in the foreground was used for baking bread. On the lid of the chuck box, lowered to serve as a cook table, can be seen an old time coffee grinder and leg of roasted beef. An oil lantern hangs on the bow above the chuck box and the harness is hanging over the front wheel. The men are, L-R: Henry Russell, unknown, Jack Montath, Ned Richards, Jake Stubblefield, and John Dodd.
Cowboys in the Corral at Pennington Ranch
Cowboys changing horses at noon in the corral at the Pennington Ranch near Claude, Texas in 1900.
Cowboys Removing a Cow from a Bog along the Pecos River
Photograph of three cowboys removing a cow from a bog along side the Pecos River.