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Bird's-Eye View of the Army Occupation, Corpus Christi, Texas, Oct. 1845
Illustration of a field full of white tents and army personnel next to the Gulf of Mexico with ships on it.
Cartoon of Costumed Apes in an Office
Illustration of apes dressed in 19th-century clothing inside an office or courtroom. There are eleven apes total, ten males and one female.
Painting of Early Fort Worth by Miranda Leonard, 1873
Painting of an aerial view of Fort Worth in 1873. The painting depicts a town square with an American-flag topped courthouse in the center. Surrounding the courthouse are several buildings, some with fences. Throughout the painting are people, buggies, covered wagons and trees. On the right side of the frame is a sloping hill.
Vetus Mexico.
Map shows birdseye Venice-like view of Mexico City surrounded by Lake Texcoco. Includes key to points on the map. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.