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Arbuckles' illustrated atlas of fifty principal nations of the world.
Atlas shows illustrations of nations throughout the world with brief descriptions.
[Command Post in Schmiede, Belgium]
Photograph of a street in Schmiede, Belgium. Houses are visible on the streets, and several children stand in front of white picket fences.
[Group of Soldiers]
Photograph of a group of soldiers standing around a tank. A note on the back reads: "The day we were pulled out of St. Vith by the 82nd Airborne."
[Kraut Prisoners of War]
Photograph of prisoners of war captured by First Lieutenant John Grimbal. The prisoners march down a road with an Army truck following behind.
Leodiensis Dioecesis
Map shows early to mid-seventeenth century cities, towns, forested areas, and marshlands in the diocese of Liè€ge and adjacent areas near the Meuse River valley. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
[Soldiers Outside Building]
Photograph of a group of soldiers standing outside a building. They are identified as Cunningham, Ugent, Schmidf, Kinsinger, Ziegler, Gross, Dro, and Fox.
[Street Scene in St. Vith, Belgium]
Photograph of a street scene in St. Vith, Belgium. Army trucks drive down the road, which has buildings on either side.