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Amérique Septentrionale en 1540
This map shows North and Central America and the surrounding areas. Each country or region is outlined in color and labeled. Major cities and bodies of water are marked. There are several notations on areas throughout the map and there is text beneath the map with information regarding explorations and discoveries with a color key. Scale [ca. 1:33,333,333].
Map shows early nineteenth century geography, settlements, and political boundaries in Mexico and a portion of United States territory. Relief shown by hachures. Scale [ca. 1:12,000,000].
Mexico und die Republiken von Central-America.
Map shows major trasnportation routes and major cities in the states of Mexico, the countries of Central America, and some portions of the Texas coast and the southeastern United States; railroad construction projects in Tehuantepec and Honduras in insets. Includes table of abbreviations with translations, legend, and tables lising major mountain peaks. Insets: "Tehuantepec Eisenbahn-project bearbeit von Barnard 1851" and "Honduras Eisenbahn-project bearbeit von E. G. Squier u. W. N. Jeffers 1853." Relief shown by hachures. Scale [1:6,000,000].