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Colton's New Mexico and Arizona.
Map shows late nineteenth century New Mexico and Arizona counties, township grid, stagecoach stops, proposed and existing railroads, military posts, and Native American reservations. Relief shown by hachures. Scale 1:2,090,880.
Progress map of lines and areas of explorations and surveys conducted under the auspices of the War Department: giving the area of the public domain lying west of the 100th. meridian of longitude, with an index illustration of a series of atlas maps / prepared under the direction of Geo. M. Wheeler, Corps of Engineers.
Map shows the names of military explorers, dates, and historical routes of their exploration from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Displays railroads, "military posts," Indian agencies, existing and proposed astronomical stations, existing and proposed telegraph lines, state boundaries, major cities, public lands, Indian Territory, Dakota Territory, and area statistics "West of 100th Meridian" in square miles. Includes legend and index. Relief not shown. Scale [1:6,000,000].