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Description: Map shows major cities, political divisions, physical features, and areas of Native American habitation; Mississippi River as boundary between [French] Louisiana and the United States; Greenland, islands in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, western Europe, west coast of Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea. Includes dates of exploration on northern coast of Alaska. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: [1819..1831]
Creator: J. & G. Menzies

Carte d'Amérique.

Description: Map shows major cities, political divisions, areas of Native American habitation, minimal detail for western portion of North America; western portion of Africa and southwestern Europe as far east as Italy. Inset: "Supplément á la partie nord ouest de l'Amérique, d'aprés les découvertes du Capitaine Cook." [Supplement to the northwestern part of America, after the discoveries of Captain Cook]. Includes notes. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Date: 1819
Creator: L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726

Map of the railroads and canals, finished, unfinished, and in contemplation, in the United States.

Description: Map shows existing and proposed railroads and canals, major cities, and state boundaries for the portion of the United States east of the Mississippi River; District of Huron [Wisconsin], Michigan Territory, and Arkansas Territory. Includes explanation, illustration, and thirteen profiles for railroad routes and canals. Insets: "Erie Canal at the Little Falls [illustration]," "Profile of the Ohio Canal," "Profile of the Pennsylvania Canal," "Profile of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal," "Profile of the Erie Canal, N.Y.[/]Massachusetts Railroad," "Morris Canal N. Jersey," "Union Canal Pa.," "Schuylkill Navigation Penna.," "Chesapeake & Delaware Canal," "Profile of the Dismal Swamp Canal," "Profile of the Champlain Canal," "Profile of the Florida Canal," "Columbia Rail Road Pa.," and "Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road." Relief shown by hachures and by profile. Scale [ca. 1:3,000,000].
Date: [1819..1839]
Creator: Norris, William

United States of America.

Description: Map shows areas of Native American habitation, major roads, and major cities and towns; Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, and North West territories as far west as the [unlabeled] Rocky Mountains; portion of Mexico including Texas. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [1:7,603,200].
Date: [1819..1821]
Creator: Warr, John, b. ca. 1798