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B.B. Paddock and Other Confederate Veterans

Description: Photograph of seven Civil War veterans, including B.B. Paddock who is second from the right in the back row. The men are wearing old Confederate uniforms, two with ribbons attached to their jackets and the rest with medals and insignia attached. Four of the men are wearing bow ties, three have mustaches and four have beards. The man seated in the center has a walking cane and the man on his right has a cigar. In the background is a bed, large curtains, and on the wall are two light fixtures and a framed painting. There is a light hanging from the ceiling.
Date: 1908

Charter of The City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, As Passed by the 30th Legislature, 1907

Description: Charter of the City of Fort Worth includes the formal act of incorporation including organization of the city, government, police and fire departments, streets and sewerage, water supply, taxes, public health and sanitation, courts, public schools, and other provisions and laws. Index starts after page 63, on page i.
Date: 1907
Creator: City of Fort Worth

Charter of The City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, As Passed by the 31st Legislature, 1909

Description: Charter of the City of Fort Worth includes the formal act of incorporation including organization of the city, government, police and fire departments, streets and sewers, parks, water and sewerage, taxes and finances, public health and sanitation, courts, and other provisions, ordinances, and laws. Index starts on page 87.
Date: 1909
Creator: City of Fort Worth

Cleburne, Texas Baseball Players, 1906

Description: Photo collage of the Cleburne baseball team in 1906. In the center of the collage is a studio photograph of the entire team with coach Doak Roberts seated in the center and young boy in front of him. Four members of the team are seated on the floor with the front two lying on the boy's knees. Surrounding the center photograph are thirteen studio portraits of the individual players with Coach Doak Roberts in the top center. Throughout the collage are cutouts of the players in action - catching the ball, batting and throwing. The players names are written illegibly underneath their pictures and the words, "Cleburne 1906" surround the center photograph. On the mat at the bottom is written, "In Group Doak Roberts, Bat Boy -"
Date: 1906
Creator: Shaw

Coming Men of America, Panther City Lodge No. 2640, 1904

Description: Photograph of seventeen young men who are members of the Coming Men of America in 1904. Six boys are seated in the front row and the other eleven are standing behind them. The boys are wearing suits, some with vests and all with ties or bow ties and a small pin on their lapels. In the front row, across the knees of the three of the boys, hangs a banner that reads, "1st. Prize Panther City, Lodge 2640, C.M.A., Fort Worth, Tex." They are atop a rug.
Date: 1904
Creator: Swartz

Directory of the City of Fort Worth 1907-08

Description: Directory for Fort Worth, Texas includes address listings for businesses and individuals as well as advertisements from local businesses. According to the title page, the directory contains "the Present State, County and City Governments, County Officials of Texas, Giving Date of Organization of of Each County as also County Seat; List of Counties, Judicial Districts, District Judges and Clerks, and Time of Holding Courts in all Counties in Texas; Representative, Senatorial, Congressional and Supreme Judicial Districts; Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals, U.S. Judicial District and U.S. Circuit Courts, where Returnable; a Complete List of all Postoffices and money Order Offices in Texas; also an Index of Societies, Associations, Churches, Corporations, Educational Institutes; Full Name and Address of all Residents, Their Occupations or Pursuits, and a Complete Classified Business Directory, also a Valuable Street and Avenue Guide, Numerically Arranged."
Date: 1907
Creator: Morrison & Fourmy Directory Co.

Ernest O. Thompson, Overland Automobiles 1909

Description: Photograph four old automobiles with drivers parked in front of a dealerships. The tops are down and the drivers wear suits, two with caps, one with a cowboy hat and one with goggles. Behind the cars is a wooden building with a sign that reads, "Ernest O. Thompson Overland Automobiles". Next to that is a lumber yard with the words, "Amarillo Lumber & Coal" painted on the roof.
Date: 1909

First Garza County Court

Description: Photograph of the first Garza County Court. There are several men seated and standing in front of a canvas tent. All of the men are wearing hats and some are wearing neckties and some vests. In the front row, left to right are: S.C. Wilkes, L.F. Barrow, Walter Roy, and a Mr. Davis. In the back row, left to right: W.E. Alexander, Hal Murrey, Bud Boren, B.F. Wilkes and Oscar Kelly. In the middle of the frame is an old automobile with people in it. On the left side of the frame is a covered wagon and in the foreground is a saddle.
Date: July 1907

Grocers and Butchers Assosciation of North Fort Worth, 1905

Description: Photograph of at least a hundred people gathered on the steps of a large stone building. Women in white dresses and hats and children take up the first couple of rows. Behind them are many men, mostly dressed in suits, ties and hats. There are two signs and one banner held up that read, "The Best Thing That Ever Happened for the Mfg'rs. Clobbers and Retailers", "2nd Anual Picnic & Barbecue, Grocers & Butchers, Ass'n." and "Grocers and Butchers Association. Behind the group are six tall pillars and open windows with people leaning out of them. On the bottom right-hand corner of the mat is printed, "Photo by C.L. Swartz, 108 West Fifth St., Fort Worth, Texas."
Date: 1905
Creator: Swartz, C.L.

Houston Street Looking North in Ft. Worth, Texas c. 1907

Description: Photograph of Houston Street looking North in Ft. Worth, Texas. In the center of the street is a boy riding a bicycle between trolley tracks towards trolleys and horse-drawn buggies. On either side of the street are tall buildings with signs such as, "Lyric Theatre", "A.J. Anderson Co Gun Store" and "Hotel Melba". Lining the street are telephone and electric poles. This photo is dated 1907 or later because the Flatiron building, constructed in 1907 can be seen on the left.
Date: 1907~
Creator: Smith Photo Co.

Metropolitan Hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1905

Description: Photograph of the Metropolitan Hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas. The building is brick and three-stories tall . On the front side of the building is a small balcony. On the side of the building is a sign that reads, "Metropolitan Hotel". The building is surrounded by a sidewalk and brick street with a few horse-drawn carriages. On the corner of the sidewalk is a street lamp.
Date: 1905

Old Settlers Barbeque

Description: Photograph of the "Old Settlers Barbecye [corr: barbeque] given on the evening of June 15th 1909 on the lawn of Mrs Florence Peak, in honor of Mrs. W.H. Davis and Mrs. Peak, by W.G.Turner and Newton Lassiter. First Row - left to right, Mrs Richard King, "Mex" Dunn, Mrs John Mitchell, "Bud" Daggett, Eph.M. Daggett Jr, Col. Abe Harris, Mrs. Florence Peak, Sam Woody, Mrs W.H. Davis, Mrs Chas. Louck, Henry Feild, Jesse Melton and Major J.J. Jarvis. Upper Row- left ot right, Capt. M.B. Loyd, H.W. Peak, Jessee Jones and Benj P. Ayres."
Date: June 15, 1909