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Americæ Nova descriptio
This map shows the western hemisphere including North and South America and the surrounding areas. Some regions are outlined in color and places, bodies of water, and geographic features are marked pictorially in color. There are several color illustrations of ships and creatures in the oceans. Place names are also noted. Scale [ca. 1:50,000,000].
Amerique meridionale divisée en ses principales parties ou sont distingués les vns des autres les estats suivant qu'ils appartiennent présentement aux François, Castillans, Portugais, Hollandois, & c
Map shows South American political boundaries, ports, coastline detail, inland settlements, areas of Native American habitation. Includes notes. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:16,000,000].
Amerique Septentrionale divisée en ses principales parties : ou sont distingués les vns des autres les estats suivant qu'ils appartiennent presentemet aux François, Castillans, Anglois, Suedois, Danois, Hollandois, tirée des relations de toutes ces nations.
Map shows locations of various Native American tribes and California as an island; New mexico, Florida encompassing southeastern portion North America, New Spain, and Canada or New France; a small portion of eastern "Florida" [Georgia/Carolinas] is termed French Florida. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:11,000,000].
Hos Globos Terracqueum, ac Cœlestem dicat, et donat Rm̃o P.D. Sigismundo Pollitio à Placentia Prœposito Generali Monachorum Eremitorum S. Hyeronimi Congreg: Lombardiæ, P.M. Coronelli, Cosmographus P.
Map shows world continents and oceans, with vague boundaries for parts of Australian coast, Antarctica, and Pacific coast of North America. Scale not given.
Insulae Americanae, nempe Cuba, Hispaniola Iamaica, Pto. Rico, Lucania, Antillae vulgo Caribæ, Barlo-Et Sotto-Vento etc.
Map shows coast line of Florida and along the Gulf of Mexico, islands in the Caribbean region, both coasts of Central America, and the northern coast of South America. Includes legend. Scale [ca. 1:6,500,000]
A map of a new world between New Mexico and the frozen sea newly discovered by Father Lewis Hennepin Missionary Recollect and Native of Aht in Hainault; dedicated to his majesty of Great Britain William III.
Map shows known extent of North America from New Britain and New France to California, Mexico, New Spain, the Gulf of Mexico, and West Indies; areas of Native American habitation and some settlements. Inset: [Map of Japan]. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne.
Map shows geography, political boundaries, and major cities of late seventeenth century New Spain [Mexico]. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given. Map appeared in Description de l'univers, contenant les différents systèmes du monde [Description of the universe, containing the various systems of the world] by A. M. Mallet.
Le nouveau Mexique, appelé aussi Nouvelle Grenade et Marata, avec partie de Californie : selon les memoires les plus nouveaux.
Map shows settlements, areas of Native American habitation, and coastal points along "Isle de Californie" and "Mer de Califronie" and inland to the Rio del Norte beyond Santa Fe. Includes "Avertissement," list of provinces and notable towns, text, and decorative cartouche. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:454,000].
Novissima et accuratissima septentrionalis ac meridionalis Americae : descriptio, multis locis regentibus aucta et correctâe divisa in onnes partes hodiernas.
Map shows settlements, ports, political divisions for North and South America; extent of North America to eastern and southern portions; California as an island; islands in the Pacific to New Guinea, east across Atlantic to the coast of Africa. Includes decorative title cartouche showing natives and snakes, decorative cartouche showing the victory of the Cross over the Devil surrounds text on America; image of village and battling tribes in "Brasilia," fauna in North America. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:23,000,000].
Pas kaart van de boght van Florida: met de canaal tusschen Florida en Cuba door Vooght geometra t Amsterdam.
Map shows Gulf of Mexico coastline portion of Florida, tip of the Yucatan peninsula, and most of Cuba; fortifications, structures, and points of anchorage on insets. Insets: "Bahia de Matanças int Groodt," "Havana int Groodt," and "Baja Honda int Groodt." Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Scale not given.
Pascaerte van Westindien begrypende in zich de vaste kusten en eylanden : alles op syn waere lengte en breete op wassende graden gelegt.
Map shows cities, towns, and geographical outline of Mexico, the West Indies, and Florida as known during the late seventeenth century. Inset: "Het canael tusschen Havana aen cuba en de Tortugas en Martyres aen Cabo de la Florida in groot besteck" [The channel between Havana in Cuba and the Tortugas and Martyres]. Scale [ca. 1:1,267,000].