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An accurate map of North America drawn from the best modern maps and charts, and regulated by astron'l. observatns.
Map shows mid-eighteenth century North American cities, political divisions, and Native American tribes. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
An accurate map of the West Indies.
Map shows mid-eighteenth century West Indies and coast of North America. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
America settentrionale divisa ne' suoi principali stati.
Map shows detail of the eastern and western coasts of North America, New Spain, and the West Indies; areas of Native American habitation; French "Loisiana" [Louisiana]; Pacific and Atlantic Oceans connecting via waterways across the northern regions of North America. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Map shows place names, coastline detail, and location of rocky points; fortification and structures of Tabago Road on verso. Includes descriptive text and birds-eye view. Depths shown by shading. Scale [ca. 1:121,000].
Carte d'Amérique dressée pour l'usage du roy en 1722.
Map shows major settlements, areas of Indian habitation, physical features, and political divisions for North and South America, including French Louisiana and New Spain; Mediterranean Sea, southern tip of Great Britain and Ireland, and western coast of Europe and Africa; large "Mer de l'Ouest [western sea] shown north of California. Includes notes and discovery dates, title courtouche and "Advertissement." Inset: [Map of] "Mer Glaciale et Terres Arctiques." Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Carte de l'Amerique et des mers voisines.
Map shows basic geography, major settlements, and territorial place names in North America, South America, West Indies, and parts of Greenland and Africa. Minimal detail shown in western portion of North America. Relief shown pictorially. No scale noted.
Carte de l'Amerique et des Mers voisines
This map shows the western hemisphere including North and South America and western portions of Europe and Africa. Some countries are labeled and bodies of water and geographic features are also marked (with relief shown pictorially). Prime Meridian: Paris.
Carte de l'Isle de Nieves.
Map shows roads, settlements, parishes, harbors, churches, fortifications, and points of anchorage. Includes notes. Relief shown by pictorially and by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Scale not given.
Carte de l'isle de Sainte Lucie.
Map shows mid-eighteenth century geography and settlements on the island of Saint Lucia. Relief shown pictorially. Insets: "Plan du Port du Carenage," "Plan du Cul de Sac des Roseaux," and "Mouillages du Grand Islet et du Choc." Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:306,900].
Carte du continent de l'Amérique nord: pour servir à l'intelligence du système des vents et des courans.
Map shows direction of wind and ocean currents. Relief shown by hachures. No scale indicated.
Carte geo-hydrographique du Golfe du Mexique et de ses isles.
Map shows the geography and coastal cities along the mid-seventeenth century Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean regions of the Western Hemisphere. Depths shown by soundings. Scale [ca. 1:10,000,000].
Carte reduite des costes de la Louisiane et de la Floride.
Map shows coastline of French Louisiana along the Gulf of Mexico west of the Trinity River from a point labeled "Baye St. Louis ou de St. Bernard," and to the east to include the Florida peninsula and Atlantic coast of Florida [as Islands] ; part of the Bahamas and Cuba; islands and sailing routes through the Mississippi River delta on inset. Relief shown pictorially and depths shown by soundings. Inset: Carte des embouchures du fleuve St. Louis [Map of the mouth of Mississippi River]. Scale [ca. 1:2,500,000].
A chart shewing [sic.] part of the sea coast of Newfoundland from ye Bay of Bulls to Little Plecentia.
Map shows "Plecentia Bay," St. Mary's Bay, islands west of "Plecentia" Harbor, and names of coastal inlets along the far southern and eastern shores of Newfoundland. Shows points of anchorage and docks on inset. Appears in B. Grierson's, the English Pilot. The Fourth Book. Depths shown by soundings. Bar scale in English leagues. Scale [ca. 1:230,990] and [ca. 1:108,600].
The form of landing, our troops on the island of Cuba
Map shows pictoral diagram of the formation of the English naval fleet and army units disembarking for the attack on Havana, Cuba in 1762. Includes names of six ships and ships captains. Scale not given.
Isle de Curacao ou Corassol.
Map shows roads, harbors, and settlements; shows buildings, layout, and fortification of St. Anne's Bay and Fort Amsterdam. Inset: [Entrée de la Baye Se. Anne]. Relief shown pictorially and by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Scale not given.
[Map of Louisiana, Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, and Florida]
This map shows most of the United States (with parts to the north and west cut off). Territories are labeled and partially outlined in color. Some major cities, bodies of water, and geographic features are marked (with relief shown by hachures and pictorially). Prime meridian: London.
Mappa Geographica Regionen Mexicanam et Floridam Terrague adjacentes: ut et Anteriores Americæ Insulas, Cursus itidem et reditus Navigantium versus flumen Missisipi et alias Colonias of ocidos ponens.
Map shows cities, towns, and geographical details of Mexico, the West Indies, and Florida as known during the mid-eighteenth century. Insets: "Bahia Portus Belli," "Tractus bahiæ et civitatis Havana" (ca.1:135,000), "Tractus civitatis Carthagena Castel ejus" (ca 1: 125,000), and "La vera cruz" (ca. 1:86,000). Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1: 9,350,000].
Mappe monde qui comprend les nouvelles découvertes faites jusqu'a ce jour.
Map shows the routes of Bering's lieutenants Alexei Chirikou in 1741, and Martin Spanbery in 1728, through the Bering Straight, and the route of the l'Aigle and the La Marie in 1739. Includes illustrations of indigenous peoples. Map is possibly from: Crepy's Atlas Nouveau [1767-1773]. Scale [ca. 1:100 000 000].
Mappe-monde sur un plan horizontal situé à 45 d. de latitude sud hemisphère occidental.
Map shows South America, part or North America, part of Australia as "Nouvelle Hollande," New Zealand, and islands of the Pacific Ocean, an uncharted Antarctic Pole, and major cities. Insets: "Sphère oblique" and "Pour la latitude." Scale varies.
Le nouveau Méxique avec la partie septentrionale de l'ancien, ou, de la Nouvelle Espacne [i.e. Espagne].
Map shows geography and major cities located in mid-eighteenth century New Spain [Mexico]. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not indicated.
A plan of Bridge Town in the island of Barbadoes.
Map shows mid-eighteenth century streets and building in Bridgetown, Barbados. Scale [ca. 1:7,737].
A plan of the city and harbour of Havana
Map shows layout of the city and port of Havana, Cuba and its military fortifications. Includes explanation of letter key and notes. Depths shown by soundings. Scale not given.
A plan of the late siege of the Havana, and Moor's Castle & their environs.
Map shows Havana city and harbor as well as adjacent coastline and inland areas during the Seven Years War (1756 - 1763). Relief shown by hachures and pictorially. Scale not given.
A plan of the straights [sic] of Bahama through which the expedition fleet was conducted in the year 1762 against the Havana.
Map shows navigation through "Straights of Bahama" along the northern coast of the island of Cuba during the Seven Years War (1756 - 1763). Scale not given.
A plan of the Town and Citadel of Fort Royal in Martinico, the last landing place of our army and country, through which it marched to the attack.
Map shows mid-eighteenth century geography, shoreline, and fortifications near Mantinico on the island of Hispaniola. Inset: "Port du Carenage." Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Scale [ca.1:85,000].
Plan of the town & fort of Grenada.
Map shows the fortifications, towns, and geography on the island of Grenada. Inset: "The isle of Grenada." Relief shown by hachures ; depths shown by soundings. Scale not given
The seat of war in the West Indies.
Map shows overview of coastline of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean area; port towns of Portobelo, Havana, Veracruz, and Cartagena, illustrated profile of the approach to Havana harbor, the castle of San Juan de Ulúa, and Veracruz; roads, streets, buildings, and fortifications. Includes historical notes, legends, and one view, "A prospect of the Havana." Insets: [Map of] "A long sandy bay called St. John's Bay," [Map of the] "Bay of Honda or the deep bay in Cuba," "View of the town and its port by Capt. Pearson," and "View of the castle of San Juan de Ulúa from ye town by Capt. Pearson." Relief shown by hachures, pictorially and profile. Depths shown by soundings. No scale noted.
Suite du cours du fleuve St. Louis depuis la rivière d'Iberville jusq'à celle des Yasous, et les parties connues de la Rivière Rouge et la Rivière Noire.
Map shows the course of the Lower Mississippi River and its tributaries. Includes "Remarques sur la Rivière Rouge" [Notes on the Red River]. Inset: "Carte de l'establissement françois sur la Rivière Rouge" [Map of a French settlement on the Red River]. Relief shown pictorially. Scale [ca. 1:830,000].
A view of the Moor's castle near the Havana
Map shows Moor's castle on the island of Cuba during the Seven Years War (1756 - 1763). Castle is displayed at angle to show location of batteries. Scale not given.