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Leodiensis Dioecesis
Map shows early to mid-seventeenth century cities, towns, forested areas, and marshlands in the diocese of Liè€ge and adjacent areas near the Meuse River valley. Relief shown pictorially. Scale not given.
Arbuckles' illustrated atlas of fifty principal nations of the world.
Atlas shows illustrations of nations throughout the world with brief descriptions.
[Soldiers Outside Building]
Photograph of a group of soldiers standing outside a building. They are identified as Cunningham, Ugent, Schmidf, Kinsinger, Ziegler, Gross, Dro, and Fox.
[Group of Soldiers]
Photograph of a group of soldiers standing around a tank. A note on the back reads: "The day we were pulled out of St. Vith by the 82nd Airborne."
[Kraut Prisoners of War]
Photograph of prisoners of war captured by First Lieutenant John Grimbal. The prisoners march down a road with an Army truck following behind.
[Street Scene in St. Vith, Belgium]
Photograph of a street scene in St. Vith, Belgium. Army trucks drive down the road, which has buildings on either side.
[Command Post in Schmiede, Belgium]
Photograph of a street in Schmiede, Belgium. Houses are visible on the streets, and several children stand in front of white picket fences.