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Cowboys Chapping another Cowboy on the Bar S Ranch
Photograph of eleven cowboys on the Bar S Ranch located in the west Texas counties of Reagan and Irion. The men appear to be horsing around after work, giving one man a "chapping." The cowboy on his stomach is restrained while the man on the far right prepares to strike him with the leather chaps laying over his shoulder.
Cowboys at the Bar S Ranch
Photograph of cowboys dancing to a fiddle at the Bar S Ranch which was located in Reagan and Irion Counties out in west Texas. A wagon and building stand in the background.
Cowboys Having Dinner at the Bar S Ranch
Photograph of fourteen cowboys having dinner on the Bar S Ranch. Most of them sit on the ground to eat. The chuck wagon stands behind them.
Reagan County.
Map shows land patents, block and tract numbers, landowners, towns, and railroads; portions of adjacent counties where property boundaries extend beyond county limits. Scale not given.