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W.T. Farley Clothing Stores Convention in Hotel Texas, Fort Worth, 1923

Description: Photograph of the Southwestern States Managers Convention in the Hotel Texas in Ft. Worth in 1923. There is a large table-cloth covered table topped with fine dinnerware. Seated around the table and standing behind the table are several men and women dressed in identical cowboy hats and bandannas. The men are wearing suits and ties and the women are wearing dresses. The wall has large curtain-covered windows and the hanging from the ceiling are several chandeliers. Printed in the center of the photograph it reads, "Southwestern States Managers Convention of the W.T. Farley Clothing Stores. Hotel Texas, Fort Worth, Tex., Oct 9, 1923."
Date: 1923

Southwestern road map : 1929 official road map (showing roads radiating from El Paso, Texas with mileage between points).

Description: Map shows lesser and major highways, cities and towns, and points of interest for the southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, northern Mexico, and the southern portions of California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado; distances between cities. Includes legend [key to highways], distance tables, text, and advertisements; in lower right corner: Metcalf, El Paso logo. Scale not given.
Date: 1929
Creator: El Paso Auto Association

Mexico and Central America.

Description: Map shows railways, submarine communications cables, and steamer route distances between various ports in the United States, Mexico, and Central America. Insets: "British Honduras" and "Continuation of Central America." Relief shown by hachures. Scale [1:6,310,000].
Date: 1920
Creator: London Geographical Institute

Map of Andrews County, Texas.

Description: Map shows land ownership, university and public school land, existing and proposed railroad lines in Andrews County, Texas during the early twentieth century. Includes note and listing of abstract companies in various Texas counties. Scale not given.
Date: [1925..1930]
Creator: Logan Map Company


Description: Map shows early twentieth century Texas railroads, major cities, towns, counties. "Electric Lines" shown in red. Inset: [Map of the Texas Panhandle]. Relief shown in hachures. Scale [ca. 1:292,000].
Date: 1928
Creator: George F. Cram Company

Looking Down Upon Lake Worth

Description: Map depicts Lake Worth, surrounding communities, and nearby businesses. Roads, buildings, islands, and roadway from Indian Oaks [later named Lake Worth Village] to Fort Worth is shown. Includes notes and illustrations. Scale not indicated.
Date: 1920

Scurry County Texas

Description: Map shows railroads lines, township boundaries, block and tract numbers, and land ownership, primarily by the Houston & Texas Central Railroad Company, for Scurry County and portions of adjacent counties. Includes advertisements for Scurry County Abstract Company and Snyder National Bank. Scale not given.
Date: [1923..1933]
Creator: R. M. Metcalfe Co.

Southern Pacific lines and connections.

Description: Map shows the continental United States with Southern Pacific railway lines across the southern and western states and Mexico, connecting railroad lines, steamship lines, national parks, and points of interest. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given
Date: 1923
Creator: Rand McNally and Company.

Union Pacific system : Union Pacific Railroad Co., Oregon Short Line Railroad Co., Oregon-Washington R.R. & Nav. Co., Los Angeles & Salt Lake R.R. Co., St. Joseph & Grand Island Ry. Co. and connections.

Description: Map shows national parks, steamship routes along the Pacific coast, and railroad routes in the midwestern and western portions of the United States for the Union Pacific Railroad Company and its affiliates. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.
Date: 1922
Creator: Rand McNally and Company.

Texas - Oklahoma Red River Big Bend area reduced map : reproduced from Grandfield bridge, Big Bend, Devol bridge, and Brush Creek topographic sheets.

Description: Map shows soil classification, vegetation, fossils, roads, bridges, marshed, islands, and oil wells in the Big Bend area of the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma. Includes legend. Relief shown by countours and spot heights. Contour intervals at two feet. Scale [ca. 1:12,000].
Date: 1921
Creator: Texas Reclamation Dept.

Cooke County, Texas.

Description: Map shows land tracts, landowners, oil and gas activity, oil company names, railroads, and towns; portions of adjacent counties where property boundaries extend beyond county limits. Includes legend. Scale [1:66,667].
Date: [1920..1940]
Creator: West, M. H.