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[Drive from Rhine to Mulde]

Description: Photograph of two trucks on a dirt road headed towards a city in the distance.
Date: [1944..1945]
Creator: Roberts, Cecil E.

B.B. Paddock and Others

Description: Studio photograph of thirteen men, including B.B. Paddock seated in the center row, second from left. All of the men are wearing suits and vests. Five of the men are holding hats, including bowlers. Five are wearing watch chains, eight are wearing bow ties, four are wearing neckties, and two have glasses. Ten of the men have mustaches including one with a goatee. The men are on two rugs and there are two windows in the background.
Date: unknown

Confederate Soldiers Reunion

Description: Photograph of nine men and three women at a Confederate Reunion. Six of the men are in Confederate uniform while the other three wear suits, one with a vest and one with a tie. Five of the men have ribbons attached to their coats. Five men have mustaches and four have beards. The man third from the right is holding a walking cane and the man five from the right, in the center, is B.B. Paddock. Behind the men stand three women in white dresses with large ribbons attached to their shoulders. The woman on the right is wearing glasses, gloves and holding a large Texas flag. Every person in the photo wears a hat. In the background is a brick building with curtained windows.
Date: unknown

Polytechnic Public Schools Faculty, 1911-1912

Description: Studio photograph of fourteen faculty at the Polytechnic Public Schools Faculty in Ft. Worth, Texas. Seated in the front row are three men and three women, and standing in the back row are seven women and one man. The men are wearing suits with bow ties and neckties and one has a vest and mustache. The women are wearing long lace dresses, one is wearing a headband, one a brooch, two with necklaces and one is holding a purse. They are atop a rug and in front of a backdrop.
Date: 1912

Ranger, Texas Police Force

Description: Photograph of the Ranger, Texas Police Force. There are seventeen men total, three are seated and four standing on the porch and ten are lined up in front of the porch. The four men standing on the porch are wearing suits, hats, vests and neckties. The rest of the men are wearing dark police uniforms with shiny buttons, vests, hats, collared shirts and bow ties or neckties. Three of the men have large mustaches. George Cooper, the Police Chief, is seated in the center.
Date: unknown

Employees of First National Bank of Fort Worth, Texas, 1893

Description: Studio photograph of ten employees of the First National Bank of Fort Worth. All of the men are wearing suits with vests, five are wearing watches with chains, four are wearing bow ties, four are wearing neckties, and one is wearing a corsage. Two of the men have beards and mustaches and four have mustaches. Four men are seated on chairs in the front row. They are on top of a rug and in front of a fake backdrop. In the back row from left to right is J.M. Tewmey, T.P. Martin Jr., Norman Enelson, J.W. Valliant, Taylor Cupp, and J.P. Smith Jr. In the front row from left to right is W.D. Peak, M.B. Loyd, E.B. Harrold and T.W. Slack.
Date: 1893

Oil Field in Beaumont, Texas, 1901

Description: Photograph of very many derricks in an oil field. In the foreground are wooden shacks, stacks of wooden boards, smokestacks with smoke plumes rising out of them. In the bottom right-hand corner is the name, "Trost".
Date: 1901
Creator: Trost Studio

The Lucas Gusher, 1901

Description: Photograph of the Lucas gusher in 1901. The Lucas gusher is a spindletop that is gushing oil out of the top of it. On the ground surrounding the spindletop are several workers, two holding a large hose.
Date: 1901

Grave Surrounded by Flowers

Description: Photograph of a grave topped with cloth and surrounded by many flowers, bouquets and wreaths. In the background is a cemetery, trees, a sidewalk and shrubs.
Date: unknown

Construction of the Couch Home in Fort Worth, Texas

Description: Photograph of the Couch home being constructed. The home is brick and two stories with a large wrap-around porch, two pillars, a stoop and two chimneys. There are twelve workers, eight seated on the porch and four seated on the stairs. They are wearing coveralls or suspenders and six are wearing hats. In the foreground are groups of weeds and wooden boards.
Date: unknown

Sixteen Men in Women's Costumes

Description: Photograph of male actors dressed in womens clothing. Four are seated on the floor, six seated in the middle row and six standing in the back row. They are all wearing dresses, some with print and all with hats, including bonnets and straw hats. They are atop a rug.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hinsdale and Bryant

Interior of the Bensiria Home in Ft. Worth, Texas

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Bensiria home. On the right side of the frame is a white staircase with a dark banister. On the floor are two ornate rugs, three large chairs, one wooden chair, a dark desk topped with a lamp, and two ottomans. In the foreground is a sofa and in the background is a curtained window and a statue of a figure. There are two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
Date: unknown

[B.B. Paddock in Group Portrait]

Description: Photograph of B.B. Paddock, standing left, in a group portrait. The men are in uniform and holding hats and straigh-blade swords. The style of backdrop, hat, sash, and the ornate swords suggest this is a fraternal photo, circa 1880, possibly Knights of Pythias.
Date: unknown

[Original Paddock House]

Description: Photograph of the orignal Paddock residence. There are two people standing outside on the bottom floor of the home. There is a group of large trees in front of the home. The home was built in the 1800's but was torn down near the turn of the century. The home was on the property of the estate of Mrs. Virgile Paddock.
Date: unknown
Creator: The D.H. Swartz View Co.